3.4 Outside dining

The trend for outside dining has increased in recent years and moving smokers outside is likely to see the demand for outside space increase further.

Remember, if you want to put tables and chairs on the pavement you need a licence and planning permission from the council.

Our policies will take into account a number of things:

  • pavement obstruction
  • pedestrian safety
  • nuisance to nearby residents
  • protecting the character and appearance of an area
  • historic buildings
  • refuse
  • cleansing arrangements
  • potential intensification of use.

How we can help with outside dining

Full details of our outside dining policy are set out in our guidelines for placing tables and chairs on the highway.

Using existing gardens or yards

Planning permission is not normally required to use connecting private gardens and yards if they are lawfully part of the existing business and are not previously used or shared by other businesses/users.

Unless specifically conditioned when permission was originally given, pubs can permit customers to use existing beer gardens and yards to smoke without the need for planning permission. If you want to use outside space that is currently used for other purposes, you are likely to need planning permission for the change of use of the land.

Space heaters

Unless you have a private forecourt, you will need a licence to put out external heaters. If you receive a licence to locate heaters - or intend to put them in a private area - you will need to undertake a risk assessment to ensure that any hazards associated with their use are controlled. Wall-mounted space heaters are likely to need planning permission.

Last updated: 9 August 2016
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