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Members’ register of interests before May 2018

Members are required to disclose interests (including employment, directorships, shareholdings, offices held in charitable bodies and political activities) they or close family members have which might influence their judgement or which could be perceived (by a reasonable member of the public) to do so.

Register of interests forms

Councillor Acton 2016 (PDF 247KB)

Councillor Acton 2016 (2) (PDF 247KB)

​Councillor Acton 2017 (PDF 250KB)

​Councillor Acton 2018 (PDF 254KB)

Councillor Adams 2015 (PDF 158KB)

​Councillor Adams 2016 (PDF 157KB)

Councillor Adams 2016 (2) (PDF 158KB)

Councillor Adams 2017 (PDF 158KB)

Councillor Adams 2017 (2) (PDF 159KB)

Councillor Adams 2018 (PDF 159KB)

Councillor Aiken 2014 (PDF 154KB)

Councillor Aiken 2015 (PDF 155KB)

Councillor Aiken 2016 (PDF 155KB)

Councillor Aiken 2017 (PDF 157KB)

Councillor Aiken 2018 (PDF 158KB)

Councillor ​Arzymanow 2014 (PDF 89KB)

Councillor Arzymanow 2015 (PDF 159KB)

Councillor ​Arzymanow 2016 (PDF 158KB)

Councillor ​Arzymanow 2017 (PDF 159KB)

Councillor ​Arzymanow 2018 (PDF 159KB)

Councillor Beddoe 2016 (PDF 155KB)

Councillor Beddoe 2017 (PDF 157KB)

Councillor Beddoe 2018 (PDF 157KB)

Councillor Beddoe 2014 (PDF 155KB)

Councillor Begum 2014 (PDF 153KB)

Councillor Begum 2017 (PDF 230KB)

Councillor Begum 2018 (PDF 230KB)

Councillor Boothroyd 2014 (PDF 155KB)

Councillor ​Boothroyd 2018 (PDF 155KB)

Councillor Bott 2014 (PDF 155KB)

Councillor Bott 2016 (PDF 157KB)

Councillor Bott 2017 (PDF 157KB)

Councillor Bott 2018 (PDF 157KB)

Councillor Burbridge 2014 (PDF 159KB)

Councillor Burbridge 2015 (PDF 160KB)

Councillor Burbridge 2017 (PDF 161KB)

Councillor Burbridge 2018 (PDF 194KB)

Councillor Bush 2018 (PDF 158KB)

Councillor Bush 2018 (2) (PDF 158KB)

Councillor Caplan 2014 (PDF 160KB)

Councillor Caplan 2016 (PDF 160KB)

Councillor Caplan 2016 (2) (PDF 160KB)

Councillor Caplan 2016 (3) (PDF 160KB)

Councillor Caplan 2016 (4) (PDF 160KB)

Councillor Caplan 2017 (PDF 160KB)

Councillor Caplan 2017 (2) (PDF 159KB)

Councillor Caplan 2018 (PDF 160KB)

Councillor Chalkley 2014 (PDF 154KB)

Councillor Chalkley 2016 (PDF 155KB)

Councillor Chalkley 2017 (PDF 232KB)

Councillor Chalkley 2018 (PDF 232KB)

Councillor Cox 2017 (PDF 160KB)

Councillor Cox 2017 (2) (PDF 159KB)

Councillor Cox 2018 (PDF 160KB)

Councillor Devenish 2014 (PDF 158KB)

Councillor Devenish 2016 (PDF 158KB)

Councillor Devenish 2016 (2) (PDF 158KB)

Councillor Devenish 2016 (3) (PDF 157KB)

Councillor Devenish 2018 (PDF 158KB)

Councillor Dimoldenberg 2013 (PDF 157KB)

Councillor Dimoldenberg 2014 (PDF 156KB)

Councillor Flight 2015 (PDF 155KB)

Councillor Flight 2018 (PDF 154KB)

Councillor Freeman 2016 (PDF 157KB)

Councillor Freeman December 2016 (PDF 158KB)

Councillor Freeman June 2016 (PDF 157KB)

Councillor Freeman 2017 (PDF 158KB)

Councillor Freeman February 2018 (PDF 234KB)

Councillor Gassanly 2014 (PDF 154KB)

Councillor Gassanly 2015 (PDF 153KB)

Councillor Gassanly 2016 (PDF 155KB)

Councillor Gassanly 2017 (PDF 156KB)

Councillor Glanz 2012 to 2018 (PDF 242KB)

Councillor Hall June 2014 March 2018 (PDF 155KB)

Councillor Hyams 2014 (PDF 158KB)

Councillor Hyams 2016 (PDF 159KB)

Councillor David Harvey 2014 (PDF 161KB)

Councillor David Harvey 2016 (PDF 161KB)

Councillor David Harvey 2017 (PDF 162KB)

Councillor David Harvey 2018 (PDF 163KB)

Councillor Angela Harvey 2014 (PDF 168KB)

Councillor Angela Harvey 2016 (PDF 168KB)

Councillor Angela Harvey 2017 (PDF 170KB)

Councillor Angela Harvey 2018 (PDF 173KB)

Councillor Hug 2014 (PDF 153KB)

Councillor Hug 2016 (PDF 230KB)

Councillor Hug 2017 (PDF 231KB)

Councillor Hug 2018 (PDF 156KB)

Councillor Less 2016 (PDF 152KB)

Councillor Less 2017 (PDF 153KB)

Councillor Mcalister 2014 (PDF 155KB)

Councillor McKie 2014 (PDF 158KB)

Councillor Mitchell 2014 (PDF 164KB)

​Councillor Mitchell 2016 (PDF 159KB)

Councillor Mitchell 2017 (PDF 177KB)

Councillor Mitchell 2018 (PDF 237KB)

Councillor Mohindra 2016 (PDF 159KB)

Councillor Mohindra 2017 (PDF 157KB)

Councillor Mohindra 2018 (PDF 237KB)

Councillor Qureshi 2015 (PDF 154KB)

Councillor Rigby 2014 (PDF 160KB)

Councillor Rigby 2017 (PDF 162KB)

Councillor Rigby 2016 (PDF 162KB)

Councillor Rigby 2018 (PDF 163KB)

Councillor Robathan 2014 (PDF 156KB)

Councillor Robathan 2015 (PDF 158KB)

Councillor Robathan 2016 (PDF 158KB)

Councillor Robathan 2017 (PDF 159KB)

Councillor Robathan 2018 (PDF 160KB)

Councillor Robathan 2018 (2) (PDF 160KB)

Councillor Roca 2015 (PDF 156KB)

Councillor Rowley 2012 (PDF 155KB)

Councillor Rowley 2014 (PDF 15KB)

Councillor Scarborough 2014 (PDF 153KB)

Councillor Scarborough 2016 (PDF 156KB)

Councillor Scarborough 2017 (PDF 156KB)

Councillor Scarborough 2018 (PDF 156KB)

Councillor Smith 2014 (PDF 161KB)

Councillor Smith 2015 (PDF 166KB)

Councillor Smith 2017 (PDF 166KB)

Councillor Smith 2017 (2) (PDF 166KB)

Councillor Smith 2018 (PDF 166KB)

Councillor Takluder (PDF 90KB)

Councillor Takluder 2014 (PDF 154KB)

Councillor Toki 2012 (PDF 90KB)

Councillor Warner June 2014 (PDF 154KB)

Councillor Wilkinson 2016 (PDF 157KB)

Councillor Wilkinson 2018 (PDF 234KB)














Last updated: 16 October 2018