Marylebone Library update

Following the Marylebone Library stakeholder and user engagement in early 2018, and the subsequent engagement on the proposed remodelling of the small pool at Seymour Leisure Centre in the summer, as a result of the outcome, progress has been delayed.

The council is in the process of investigating possible further opportunities to enhance the facility from a holistic view point, which may include reinstating the large swimming pool, currently under the sports hall. This broader approach is aimed at  creating a community facility that is fit for the future.

We have progressed with the feasibility, draft designs, and proposed costs to include the remodelling of the existing Leisure facilities and the new library at Seymour to maximise the use of the building.

A cabinet report is anticipated to be presented to Members for consideration in the spring. If approval is granted for the proposed remodelling of the Seymour Leisure Centre, to include new Marylebone Library and a revised design comparable with the space presented at the engagement stage earlier this year, a new public engagement will begin.
Rest assured that all previous stakeholder and user feedback at engagement stage for the library and pool has been taken into consideration for ongoing proposals and revised draft design.

We very much remain committed to delivering the library at Seymour Leisure Centre as well as protecting the longevity of the leisure facility to provide an excellent multi-purpose community facility for all.
Once options for the proposed remodelling of the Seymour Leisure Centre are clear following the feasibility studies, we will return to begin the statutory process again, starting with early engagement for initial feedback on the proposals. When the feedback has been analysed, we will proceed to the next stage of consultation at which the stakeholder groups and users will be presented with detailed designs and have an opportunity to have their say.
An update will be provided early spring 2019 when we have further information.

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Last updated: 30 January 2019
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