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Marylebone Library update

As a direct response to feedback received from the residents of Marylebone, users of Seymour Leisure Centre and Marylebone Library that took part in our public engagement in 2018, we have progressed the proposition of reopening the large swimming pool currently under the sports hall at the centre.

As you will appreciate, to reconfigure a Grade II Listed Building to accommodate a large pool, learner pool, a new sports hall on a mezzanine floor above the pools, and build a new library requires a sensitive design approach, and additional funding which we are still in the process of securing.

Since January, we have conducted a number of meetings with Sport England and Historic England, and are now closer to a defined set of requirements set by these organisations for the project team to meet to enable the redevelopment programme to secure approval of our plans and funding.  Even with dedicated internal and external teams working on the revised strategic business plan, this crucial stage takes time to respond in the proposal to meet the challenges being set.  

We are scheduled to present our revised business plan proposal to Cabinet Members at the end of July, at which we will outline how our architects can meet, or where design can be compromised to gain Historic England approval. It is our intention to produce a business plan that seeks approval to proceed the project to final funding being secured. So that by the following Cabinet Member meeting at the end of September, funds can be secured and we can look to gain Member approval to proceed to public engagement potentially in November 2019 prior to consultation in March/April 2020.

We understand your frustration at the speed in which progress is being made regarding the redevelopment of the centre and the building of the new library. We assure you that we are being entirely transparent with the stages and timeframe we are working through over the summer.

We ask for your understanding and patience as we dedicate our efforts to make this co-located leisure centre and library an exemplary community service for the residents and users in Marylebone for decades to come.

An update will be provided in October after the Cabinet Member meeting when we will have further information.

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Last updated: 16 December 2019