Marylebone Library update

The first phase of our consultation process to build a new library for Marylebone at Seymour Leisure Centre began on 14 February and closed on 18 March 2018.



During this time, 3 engagement exhibitions took place. At these exhibitions, attendees met the programme team and viewed the proposed internal and external designs, and look and feel of the library. The information displayed is available to view here.

View the Marylebone Library A1 design panels (PDF, 8MB)

We received 90 responses from the public, stakeholder groups, and users of the current library and leisure centre. Comments received on the designs, relocation, and increased space, overall were positive and approved of the plans.

We are in the process of analysing the results and a report will be available here in May. However, 3 questions asked most often during the engagement we can respond to now:


Respondents asked whether the council has secured the funding to build the new library given that the Westminster City Council Election results might change existing key priorities. 

We can assure you that the funding to build the library is secure.

Customer access to the library from the leisure centre – and back again

Leisure centre members and library users asked if there would be adjoining access between the 2 services, avoiding the need to walk around the entire building to gain access.

Discussions are underway between the library and leisure centre to provide a secure, safe and easy method for customers to walk through the building to access each service.

Little Elves Montessori nursery

To build the library, the nursery (which has hired a room in the leisure centre for 9 years) will be vacating the building on or before 31 December 2018. Whilst the majority of emails received from concerned parents supported the build of the new library, the parents did object to the removal of the nursery to do so.

We are working with Little Elves Montessori nursery to assist with sourcing alternative accommodation. 

What happens next?

In early May 2018, we will release the analysed first phase engagement report, with categorised responses to comments from respondents.  

From early June to mid-July 2018 we will launch the official 6 week consultation online and at 5 exhibitions. At which we will present the detailed drawings (partially based on engagement feedback); provide proposed furniture materials, and visuals of how the spaces are designed to work seamlessly for users.       

Keep up to date on progress

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If you have a question related to the design and planning aspects of the new Marylebone Library and would like to contact us via email, one of our team will aim to reply within 48 hours (weekdays)

Last updated: 20 March 2018
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