Market Strategy

Westminster is currently holding a consultation on a strategy for its markets.

We are asking residents, community groups and traders to give their views on a strategy to help the city’s 6 street markets thrive. The council wants to help the markets become more environmentally and financially sustainable, offer a more diverse mix of products and invest in new IT and infrastructure.

The consultation includes proposals for a new set of street trading fees and daily charges. Fees and Charges are covered under section 22 of the City of Westminster Act 1999. This provides for the  recovery of the reasonable costs associated with dealing with applications – the Application Fee. 

It also provides for the Council to recover from licence holders the reasonable costs associated with cleansing (including waste collection) and those costs associated with the administration and the enforcement of the provisions of the Act – the Daily Charge. 

The proposed application fees are calculated by assessing the time it takes for each step in the application process. The time has been assigned a cost based on hourly rates. 

The options for the proposed daily charge  are calculated by taking the number of pitches in markets across Westminster, with an occupancy rate that shows how often these pitches will be used, and identifying the charge that will meet the costs with cleansing (including waste collection) and with the administration and the enforcement of the provisions of the Act. (Costs associated with daily charge)

Details of the proposals are contained within the Licensing Committee Report dated 4 July 2018 

Traders, trade associations, residents and other stakeholders can comment and provide feedback.

Visit Open Forum to find out more.

Last updated: 18 September 2018
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