Low Emission Neighbourhood – Marylebone

Westminster City Council has won £1 million from the Mayor of London’s Air Quality Fund to create a low emission neighbourhood in Marylebone. This will include a whole range of green innovations that will help deliver cleaner air and a greener city.

1. Support Marylebone LEN

Please tweet your support to @CityWestminster and help us create a low emission neighbourhood in Marylebone.

2. What it will pay for

A new dedicated ‘air force’ team of parking marshals who will ask drivers to switch their engines off when stationary and spread the message about air quality

  • new green spaces in the Marylebone community
  • new electric vehicle charging points
  • shared electric vehicle resident parking spaces
  • initiatives to minimise deliveries
  • no engine idling days

There is also a whole range of new innovations and ideas, all aimed at making Marylebone’s air cleaner.

3. Why Marylebone

We have chosen Marylebone to be our low emission neighbourhood because it is full of families and schools, green spaces and playgrounds. It has a thriving high street of local shops and national retailers and a busy café and restaurant scene. However, it is under threat from the effects of poor air quality.

The two wards that make up Marylebone – Bryanston and Dorset Square and Marylebone High Street – have been measured as suffering the worst air pollution in London.

4. Who supports us

A great many residents and businesses have expressed their support.

Business improvement districts

Baker Street Quarter Partnership

Marble Arch London

New West End Company

Residents’ associations:

The Marylebone Association

The Marylebone Forum

The St Marylebone Society

Delivery partners

Q Park


King’s College London


The Portman Estate

The Howard de Walden Estate



Knight Frank

Sylvia Young Theatre School

University of Westminster


The Royal Society of Medicine

Home House

St Marylebone Parish Church

The Wallace Collection

5. Testimonials


“We have a track record of environmental interventions, these are often aligned to specific property developments and we are therefore excited by the prospect of a co-ordinated team effort to improve the environment of the Marylebone neighbourhood.” -Simon Loomes, The Portman Estate


“We have been delighted to see the across the board stakeholder commitment to tackling this important issue in Marylebone as we develop the bid. We are committed to working with the council and the Mayor’s Office to achieve a lasting difference for the area both through our own initiatives and through contributing to the wider projects the LEN is proposing.” - Penny Alexander, Baker Street Quarter Partnership


“The estate has a huge commitment to this area, and its community, and in recent years has invested heavily in projects that preserve and enhance both the character and function of the area and the quality of its environment.” - Andrew Wilson, The Howard de Walden Estate

“I am writing as a local resident with young children who are impacted daily by poor local air quality. I wish to express my family’s support for Westminster City Council’s bid for funding to set up Marylebone’s Low Emission Neighbourhood (LEN). I strongly believe that Marylebone LEN can act as a blueprint for the rest of Central London.” - The Carnegie Family, Devonshire Mews South

“I live just off George Street and welcome the designation of that street as a showpiece of the scheme; I am also impressed by the assets that Westminster Council can mobilise alongside funding from TfL/GLA. I think that a successful LEN in Westminster will have a London-wide impact greater than any other example could.” - Hugh Small, Montagu Mews South

“I write to emphasise our enthusiastic support for, and commitment to, Westminster’s proposed ‘Low Emissions Neighbourhood’ in Marylebone. Living, working and going to school in this area, it is a constant background worry of my wife and I that our family may be adversely affected by the chronic poor air quality that we have here.” - The Quinn Family, Upper Montagu Street

Last updated: 19 July 2016
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