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Lost Londoners Count: protect funding for Westminster

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The March 2021 Census was carried out during the third of the national COVID-19 lockdowns, and informs how much funding we receive from central government. While this once-in-decade survey aims to give a snapshot of all the people and households across the country, we believe the census has underestimated Westminster’s figures this time round.

We believe that 30,000 people who would normally be resident in the city were elsewhere in the country or abroad at the time. That represents about 15% of the estimated overall Westminster population. This could hit our funding hard, costing us a potential £40m in crucial funding needed to properly deliver local services.

Why should I care?

We provide over 300 services supporting our residents, business and partners. Inaccurate population numbers could mean we receive less funding from central government, which will put a huge strain on how these services are delivered.  

If you're a local resident or business, this means the services you rely on may be at risk unless our population estimates are accurate.

What could we lose?

We keep the heart of Westminster beating every hour of the day, 365 days a year.

We wash 16,000kms of pavement each year, sweeping 38,000kms of footway each month. We provide housing services, road planning, education, services for vulnerable children and adults, and much more.

We’re concerned how potential cuts in Government grants could affect the vital work we carry out every day in your neighbourhood.  

How can I help?

We want to work with the Office of National Statistics (ONS) who can change this. You should not be forced to experience cuts to your favourite services due to inaccurate numbers.  

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