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Wed, 31/01/2018

I had a really interesting morning last Friday 26 January, meeting with some of the intake on the Local Government Graduate Development Programme. This is a nationwide scheme for recruiting and developing our future local authority managers and leaders (below picture). Over tea in the Lord Mayor’s Parlour, they updated me on their personal and professional ambitions for supporting their respective local authorities in a variety of areas, including legal services, social care and environmental protection. They were a lively group who deserve to progress well in their future careers.

Separately, I was delighted to spend an evening in the company of some of the volunteers who work at Westminster’s libraries, helping young students with their homework, and engaging with older people on proficiency in English and computers. I also paid a visit to an ‘open doors’ event organised by CityWest Homes, who manage social housing across Westminster on behalf of the council.

Next week, I’m looking forward to visiting St James and St John School, speaking at the Westminster Senior Citizens’ Forum and attending a school confirmation service at the Abbey. I will also host a reception for recent refugee arrivals, and attend a ‘graduation ceremony’ at Queen’s Park Primary School.  

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Last updated: 23 March 2018
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