Filming and event locations

More than 850 events are held in Westminster each year including red carpet premieres, West End LIVE!, Chinese New Year, the Notting Hill Carnival, mass sporting events, street parties, national ceremonies and many, many more.

Before you apply for permission to film or hold an event, take a look at the location options in Westminster.

Pavements, roads, squares

Pavements, roads and squares are known as 'the public highway', these fall under Westminster City Council jurisdiction.

Parks and gardens

Check the Westminster parks site to discover the range of green spaces in the borough.

Royal Parks

The Royal Parks are not run by Westminster City Council. They have their own process for events and filming:

Council buildings

If you're thinking about locations such as schools, car parks, council estates or Westminster City Hall, contact the Campaigns and Customer Engagement Team on media before applying.

Private land

You do not need to apply to Westminster City Council for permission on private land unless your event uses:

  • crowd management
  • firearms and fireworks
  • large vehicles or equipment
  • licensable features such as a bar or live music

You should ensure you have permission from the landowner.

Boundary map

Last updated: 12 May 2020