Local land charge searches for professionals

This guide is for professionals such as solicitors, conveyancers, lenders and other agencies who need information about the ‘official search’ or the ‘personal search’ of the Local Land Charges Register.

Making an official search

Official searches are made directly to the council either online or by post. They are completed within 4 working days.


You can search the Local Land Charges Register online. The National Land Information Service connects directly to land and property information held by councils, central government and other official sources of land and property data. It is fully accessible, authoritative and comprehensive. There are 2 companies that are licensed to perform the online search:

  • SearchFlow offers electronic and personal searches including council, Land Registry, water, coal, environmental, planning and utilities
  • Thames Water offers electronic land and property searches from council, Land Registry, Coal Authority, water companies and other providers
Westminster City Council will implement VAT on its CON29 Local Land Charges Searches from 31 March 2017.


Official search £150
'Register part' only £30
CON 29R £120

By post

You can apply by post by completing forms LLC1 and CON 29 and returning them to the council's Local Land Charges Team. Official searches are completed in less than 4 working days.

LLC1 and CON 29 forms are available from the Law Society. CON 29 contains supplementary enquiries on planning, highways, building regulations, drainage and other matters of interest to home buyers. The form is in two parts: CON 29R contains the standard enquiries. CON 29O contains additional optional enquiries that are referred to the council only in particular cases.

Official search £160
'Register part' only - LLC1 £35
CON 29R £125
Extra parcel of land £40
Extra parcel of land - LLC1 £5
Additional enquiries £35

Making a personal search (searches via a 3rd party)

To make a personal search, you will need to contact the council’s Local Land Charges Team to make an appointment. The team needs 24 hours' notice. When you call, please provide:

  • the full address of the property to be searched
  • whether the personal search is 'Full' or 'Register Part' only
  • the name of the company making the request
  • a contact telephone number
  • a contact name in case of queries

Some knowledge of local land charges and the governing legislation will be necessary to make the search.

Alternatively, trained staff are available to help conduct the search as well as collate and print the results, for a fee of £35.


Personal search, including CON 29R £160
'Register part' only £35

Copying charges

1 to 10 pages £16
Subsequent pages (per page) 55p
Copy of the 'Scheme of estate management' £25

Last updated: 21 March 2017
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