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Sex shops

To open a sex shop, you must apply for a licence.

Published on: 20 January 2021

Last updated: 20 January 2021

What happens next

Receiving the application

If the application is valid, we will consult the relevant consultees. The consultation period is 28 days from the application being validated.

If the application is invalid, we will contact you to help you rectify it. Where applications are so invalid we will return it without processing it.

Objections can be made to applications; in that situation we will notify the applicant and send them anonymous copies of the objections.

Licensing Sub-Committee

All new licences will be reviewed by our Licensing Sub-Committee.

If an application is opposed, the application and objections will be considered at a public hearing and both applicant and objector can make representations to the committee.

The committee will also consider if the applicant is suitable, and if the application meets the council's policy and is in a suitable location.

If the committee grants the licence, it will be valid for one year from the date of grant allowing the use of the premises as a sex shop under schedule 3 of the 1982 Act.

The licence will specify:

  • the licence number
  • who the licence is issued to and their address
  • the trading name and address of the premises
  • the period in which the licence is valid
  • conditions to which that licence is granted