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Markets in Westminster

There are six markets in Westminster which require a street trading licence to trade, including privately run Farmer's Markets.

Strutton Ground Market SW1

Please note the pitch sizes are 3m x 3m. Applicants are required to provide their own receptacle that will contain all goods and equipment within the pitch. All hot food traders are required to use sustainable packaging.

  • About: This is a bustling lunchtime market that entices many of the surrounding workers, residents and tourists to its stalls
  • Times: the market operates Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm
  • Location View on map
  • Commodities: international hot food stalls and coffee, clothing, jewellery, books

We are currently accepting applications for temporary licences for both food and non-food commodities on Strutton Ground market. We would also encourage you to consider trading on a casual licence (non-food only) as an opportunity to test your business before applying for a temporary licence.

Find out more about becoming an approved casual trader.

Published: 14 January 2021

Last updated: 9 February 2023