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Advice on street parties for the King's Coronation

Find advice on how to hold a successful street party for the King's Coronation.

Published: 12 April 2022

Last updated: 16 February 2023

If your application for hosting a street party has been successful, the Licensing Service and Environmental Health Team has put together the following advice on hosting a successful street party.

Food hygiene

You should aim to serve any high risk foods that are served hot within two hours of cooking. If cooking overnight, cool and refrigerate, reheat next day and serve within two hours. Cold foods should be served within four hours after being taken out of refrigeration.

If you are having hog roast or BBQ's then please note the following: 

  • hog roast - as these take up to six hours to cook, this must be constantly watched over in order to deal with any problems immediately - for example, in case of a windy day the burners get blown out, or to prevent children from going near it
  • BBQ's - place in a well ventilated area so that any smoke does not enter premises. Burgers, sausages and other mincemeat type foods must be cooked until juices in the centre run clear.


At occasional street parties you don’t have to provide information to consumers about allergens present in the food as ingredients unless you are a business. Find information about the 14 allergens.

Power supplies

Electrical connections must be waterproof and not cause trip hazards. If using LPG ensure persons using it are familiar with instructions on its use. If employing a generator ensure it’s placed in a well ventilated area and children can’t access it. Also avoid using generators that use petrol as fuel for safety reasons as petrol is extremely flammable.

Access and emergency vehicle access

Entrances to all premises on your street should be kept clear and a route should be kept clear for emergency vehicles, fire, ambulance and police, to access the street.

Please ensure any layout of tables and chairs or other equipment enables their quick removal so these services are not unduly delayed. Make sure you also make room for people to move about up and down the street.


No licences are required under the Licensing Act 2003 if there is no selling of alcohol and if any amplified music provided is for persons attending the street party, for example it is not also being aimed for a wider audience. You will still need to apply to host a street party. Find more information on how to apply.


If you are also providing any of the following activities please follow the below advice:

If you are playing amplified music, keep it within comfortable limits, for all taste and not played for too long or late and aim for a reasonable finish time.

Face painting

Face Painting Guidance
Face Painting Guidance PDF, 185.79 KB, 3 pages

Henna tattoos 

Advice on Henna Tattoos
Advice on Henna Tattoos PDF, 102.33 KB, 1 page

Bouncy castles 

If you require further advice or information on the above, including activities not listed, please email the Environmental Health Consultation Team: [email protected]