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Licensing sub-committees - agendas, reports and decisions

The council, as the Licensing Authority, has established Licensing Sub-Committees made up of 3 councillors. These Sub-Committees determine licensing applications, reviews of licensing premises and consider opposed temporary event notices.

The council has established Rules of Procedure for licensing sub-committees (currently streamed virtually) which set out how hearings will be conducted. Hearings are public, unless the matter being discussed is sensitive in nature and therefore requires the public to be excluded.

Committee Calendar

The council provides an online Committee Calendar which lists all hearings. 

To view the agenda and reports for an application that is being heard at an upcoming Licensing Sub-Committee hearing, search the Committee Calendar by date and click on the relevant hearing.


Please note: Reports relating to applications within a hearing will not be available until a week prior to the hearing.


Once an application has been determined by the Licensing Authority, decisions will be made public on the relevant hearing page within the Committee Calendar.

If you are interested in the outcome of a particular application, you are advised to check the relevant hearing page no earlier than 3 weeks after the hearing. If the decision is not available, you are advised to check back periodically.

If you have any questions about an application, or any queries regarding a Licensing Sub-Committee hearing or decision, please contact the Licensing Team.

Rules of Procedure

Licensing Sub-Committees are governed by rules of conduct and are set out within our Rules of Procedure.

Last updated: 23 April 2020