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Licensing pre-application advice service

To help your application run smoother, we offer a pre-application advice service to help you:

  • understand how council policies will be applied to your application
  • identify the need for specialist input, layout design, acoustic measures, etc
  • make your application correctly and reduce unnecessary delays
  • reduce time spent applying
  • save time and money by understanding when an application is unacceptable

1. Request advice

Apply online

For further information, contact the Licensing Team.

Once you have filled in the online application form, you will be asked to pay the relevant fee:

Application Service Price
Small Up to 3 hours of officer time.  For advice on the licensing process, guidance on plans, conditions, etc. Does not include meetings or site visits.

£338 (includes VAT)

Medium Up to 6 hours of officer time.  Includes site visit / meeting by an environmental health officer or a licensing officer or licensing district surveyor. For advice where a site visit is essential.

£677 (includes VAT)





For applications which need considerable officer time. Includes multiple site visits and liaison with the environmental health officer, licensing officer or the licensing district surveyor.

£1805 (includes VAT)

Bolt-on package To request an additional officer (for a visit or meeting up to 2.5 hours). £282 (includes VAT)

Pre-application service advice is free for those who qualify for an exemption from statutory licence fees.

Find out more about applying by post

2. What happens next

You will be given advice from experienced and qualified individuals from Environmental Health, District Surveyor and Licensing Disciplines.

The advice given will not include views from other responsible authorities such as the Police, Fire Authority, etc.

Other responsible authorities have the legal right to make a representation relating to the application even if advice has been sought and provided under a pre-app advice agreement. 

Determining any application that is subject to representations will be the mandate of the Licensing Sub-Committee who will consider the application and the representations on its own merits and determine the application accordingly.

Last updated: 26 November 2018