Library reservations and requests

You may reserve any item listed on our library catalogue that we share with Kensington and Chelsea and Hammersmith and Fulham libraries.

There is a non-refundable administration charge for this service, see Library fees and charges for details. If the item is available for loan, the item requested will be reserved for you straight away and you will be notified when it is available for collection. If the item is unavailable for loan (eg it is on loan to another borrower) you will be notified as soon as the item has become available for collection.

Reserved items will be held for collection for up to 7 days.

If we are unable to satisfy your reservation after 90 days, it will be automatically cancelled.

If the item you want is not in our library catalogue, you can request it.  We may be able to purchase a copy if it meets our requests purchasing criteria and is available from our contracted library supplier. If neither of these apply, we can try to obtain it from the British Library. There is a supplementary charge of £14 for this service and you'll need to inform library staff that you're willing to pay the additional charge.

Please check your borrower account for status updates about your request.


1. Requesting that we purchase an item


We will usually purchase a requested general interest adult or children’s fiction title that is not already in stock, provided the item is in print and available from our contracted library supplier and the recommended retail price (RRP) is not more than £30.


We will generally purchase a requested general interest adult or children’s non-fiction title that is not already in stock, provided the item is in print and available from our contracted library supplier, the request is received within 18 months of publication date and the RRP is not more than £35.

We will generally purchase an additional copy of any title that meets these criteria if there are more than four outstanding reservations per copy.

CDs and DVDs

Due to declining demand, we do not purchase CDs or DVDs to satisfy customer requests.

2. How to reserve items

Reserving books online

Reservations can be placed on an individual title or on a set of titles.

Simply log in to your library account, and once you have found the book you would like to reserve on the catalogue, press the yellow 'Reserve' button. You will be asked to choose the library you would like to pick up the book from, click 'OK', and then if you look in the 'Holds' section of your account, you will see the title displayed there.

You will be contacted once it becomes available.

Reserving books over the telephone

Please call 020 7641 6200 to reserve items over the phone. Have your library card to hand.

Reserving books in person

You can go into any library branch to reserve a book in person. You will need your library card with you.


3. Cancelling reservations

To cancel reservations:

Log in to your library account and look in the 'Holds' section. Check the yellow box underneath that says 'Cancel Hold(s)'. A pop-up box will appear asking if you are sure - tick 'Yes'.

Last updated: 29 August 2019