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Transforming the Seymour Centre

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About the project

We are undertaking an improvement project at Seymour Centre.

The plans will provide new and enhanced facilities including an open plan gym, refurbished swimming pool, contemporary library, café, children’s soft play area and improved climbing wall whilst maintaining the building’s art deco features.

The planning application was passed on 11 July 2023. We estimate that works will start in early 2024.

We will keep current users and local residents updated on the project.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to input and inform our plans.

Since March 2021, we have spoken to 495 people at consultation events and received 817 responses to a number of surveys. This has all been fed back to our design team, who have used your feedback to shape the plans for the centre.

You can still view all the consultation materials and a recording of one of our most recent webinars in the “Project Documentation” tab. We have also provided answers to some frequently asked questions below.

Please take a look at our 'frequently asked questions' for more information on the plans for Seymour Centre.

If you have any questions, please get in touch by emailing: [email protected] or call us on 0800 092 0485.

A group of easel's with boards showing the proposals for Seymour Leisure Centre with a group of people looking at the boards.

At this stage of the project, we can only provide indicative timeframes based on our current estimates. We are currently planning for works to start in 2024. Until that point the Seymour Centre will continue to operate as normal before the centre closes to deliver the transformed centre.

Our aim for this project is:

  • Planning approval received in Summer 2023
  • Appoint a contractor (design phase) July 2023
  • Complete design phase Summer 2023
  • Appoint a contractor (construction phase) in 2023
  • Start on site in 2024
  • Open the newly refurbished centre in 2026
A group of people looking at boards with the proposals for Seymour Leisure Centre in a room
  • The refurbished Seymour Centre should be a thriving community hub providing a holistic range of services, respectful of its rich heritage but acknowledging the changing needs of its users.
  • This will be more than a leisure centre. We are creating a flexible, agile, and integrated building which the community can use for a range of activities for years to come. We want to create a collaborative space which encourages a sense of community, bringing people together to connect whether they are here to exercise, work, learn or play.
  • This project must benefit Westminster’s rich and varied communities, bringing a range of benefits for everyone. This includes making the building much more accessible so that anyone can navigate it without help, regardless of their mobility or other disabilities.
  • Incorporating Marylebone Library and a new purpose-built Family Hub, as well as providing flexible spaces suitable for a range of uses, will help transform this from a Leisure Centre into a holistic community facility with something for everyone.
  • However, this will still be an important place for sports and leisure in Westminster. We understand that the pool and sports uses are well-loved, and our proposals will enhance these, achieving a comprehensive improvement of the existing leisure facilities, including supporting facilities such as changing rooms.
  • Refurbishing a Grade II Listed building and maintaining its core architectural features means that we must be creative and efficient in our design. Every part of the new centre must be functional and make the best use of limited space. We are committed to retaining the historic building and making sensitive, internal changes which enhance the building and its setting.
  • It is essential that our investment into the Seymour Centre includes a marked improvement in the building’s energy efficiency and that this project takes the Council one step closer to achieving our ambition of carbon neutrality by 2040.
A black woman standing behind a desk that has leaflets and other information on it as well as a suggestion box.

On 16 March 2021, the council held a meeting where it was confirmed that the Capital Budget for this project remains unchanged and is secured for the refurbishment of Seymour Centre.

The approach needs to be adapted to respond to a post COVID-19 environment and as such we need to revisit previous proposals with this in mind.

The past year has brought significant change to our services, in particular our leisure centres, with long periods of mandated closures, changes in demand and increased restrictions that have presented both operational and financial challenges. Our most immediate priority has been the reopening of leisure centres and libraries following the national lockdowns

The council is committed to delivering high-quality community spaces and services. We remain committed to taking this major project forward, to incorporate a new library and to provide better leisure and wider services for the local community.

Two people at a table talking about the proposals for Seymour Leisure Centre
  • In March 2021, Westminster Council announced its commitment to taking forward the Seymour Leisure Centre project which will incorporate space for the Marylebone library and will also provide a better leisure centre and wider services to the local community.
  • In May 2021, we announced the appointment of Make Architects to design initial ideas for the refurbished Seymour Centre.
  • In July 2021, we held a webinar with local people to share our early thoughts on what might be delivered at the refurbished Seymour Centre and heard from the community about their priorities.
  • In September 2021, we launched a survey asking local people and current users of the Seymour Leisure Centre what they would like to see as part of the refurbishment. Over 640 people completed the survey, mostly people who currently use the Leisure Centre.
  • In September 2021, Make were appointed as the architects for the scheme following a more comprehensive procurement.
  • In January and February 2022, we held two online webinars to present the findings from the survey and provide an update on the plans. Over 200 people attended across the two sessions.
  • In May 2022 we met with groups who currently use the centre, including workshops with sports groups and council colleagues to understand their requirements for the new centre.
  • In June 2022, we consulted on early design proposals for the transformation of the Seymour Centre. Across three in-person events and two webinars, we met with over 160 people and collected over 50 feedback forms.
  • In September 2022, we consulted on developed design proposals for the transformation of the Seymour Centre. Across four in-person events and two webinars, we met with 141 people and had 121 surveys returned
Seymour centre

October 2022

Seymour Centre Boards PDF, 20.92 MB, 10 pages
Seymour Leisure Centre's main hall showing people playing badminton on the courts.

In June and July, we held consultation events to share early concepts of how the transformed Seymour Centre could look with the community. Thank you to everyone who engaged with us at these events.

We have summarised the feedback we received during this engagement in our August 2022 newsletter, which also shares more information about the next steps for the project and how you can continue to stay involved.

August 2022


Changes to the proposals based on your feedback

We have listened, changed and adapted the scheme and the future offer in light of these conversations. Read about the changes:

Seymour Centre updated proposals PDF, 190.35 KB, 2 pages

Watch a recording of this session.

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Historic images of Seymour Centre

These images have been sourced by Make architects from Westminster Archives as part of their research, understanding the building, it’s construction and the history of Seymour Centre and how the building has changed over the years. The images show the initial construction, the opening ceremony, and a play being watched by a group of school children, just one of the many uses the leisure centre has seen over the years.

A black and white photo of the building site at the start of construction of the Seymour Leisure Centre.
A black and white photo of the lord mayor opening the Seymour Leisure Centre in the 1930s
A black and white photo of a few hundred school children watching a play at seymour leisure centre