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Published on: 31 December 2020

Last updated: 31 December 2020

Cemetery and crematoria records

By the mid-19th century, London churchyards were full to overflowing. To rectify this, the 1850 Metropolitan Interment Act allowed parishes to buy land outside London to provide new cemeteries.

After the 1853 Burial Act, almost all burials took place in new cemeteries outside the city centre. London churchyards were no longer used apart from a few, rare interments in private graves.

From 1853 onwards, the parishes, and subsequently, councils, used various cemeteries and crematoria. A list of these, with contact details for the bodies that hold the records, can be browsed in the Cemetery and crematoria information sheet:

Cemetary and crematoria information sheet

To view listings of earlier burial registers, see our Anglican Church records [PLACEHOLDER LINK] section.

You may also want to browse our information sheet on Monumental inscriptions below:

info_sheet_8_monumental_inscriptions (2).pdf