Leading the way in local government accounting

Tue, 19/05/2015

Beating all other local government bodies, and 83% of FTSE 100 companies, Westminster City Council completed its annual accounts yesterday, four months ahead of the statutory deadline. Raising the bar for financial management this achievement means there are only 17 FTSE 100 companies who top the councils’ performance.

This exceptional accomplishment exceeds the performance of every other local government body for 70 years. This includes councils and amongst others fire, police, transport and pension authorities, setting Westminster as the leader in local government accounting.

Being at the forefront of accounting best practice highlights the council’s drive for efficiency and quality services. This comes as the council is required to make significant financial savings, so improving and streamlining processes is a priority. Delivering the accounts four months early allows the department to be forward focused and to provide the best possible financial service for the Council - supporting us to provide the best value for money for our residents. 


Last updated: 9 August 2016
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