Leader's message following Service of Hope

Wed, 05/04/2017

Westminster City Council Leader Cllr Nickie Aiken has joined around 1,800 people at Westminster Abbey for the Service of Hope, two weeks on from the tragic attack on Westminster. Cllr Aiken had this to say on the Service:

“Today’s Service of Hope is about coming together as a multi-faith community in remembrance following the recent attack on Westminster. Equally today is about demonstrating to all those who would divide us the enduring unity that links Westminster’s vibrant and diverse community together.

“Westminster has shown we will not be cowed by fear and terror. It is vital that we continue to be as one in our resolve that life goes on as normal here in the heart of our great capital city.

“We have long been rightly proud of Westminster’s diversity. The greatest possible response to those that seek to divide us is instead to strengthen our bonds of unity. Last year I announced Westminster City Council’s Community Cohesion Commission, which will inform the creation of our action plan to improve community cohesion in Westminster. We will also later this year be holding the inaugural My Westminster Day, where people from different backgrounds within our community can come together and celebrate the diversity and what unites us. Following last month’s attacks, initiatives such as these take on even greater significance.”

Last updated: 5 April 2017
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