Anyone can be late - sometimes

There are always excuses:

  • the worst traffic jam ever
  • the breakfast spilt over school clothes, just as you were about to leave
  • the queue that’s longer than usual at the newsagent's
  • the alarm clock that didn’t go off - or no alarm clock at all, perhaps!

These things are nobody’s fault and can happen to anyone.

Frequent lateness is the thing to watch for.

Effects of lateness

  • it messes up your education
  • if you miss the introduction to your first lesson many times, you may also miss important material
  • when you get to school, you may be tired, out of breath and unable to concentrate for a while
  • your work may suffer, because you won’t know what to do, and school may stop being fun
  • being late can be embarrassing and stressful
  • there is the late book and the explanations to the teacher again - why are you late?
  • being late stops you chatting with friends before class

What can you do to avoid being late all the time?

  • you can talk to your parents or carers and explain why getting to school on time is important
  • you can ask for an alarm clock, if you have not already got one
  • the night before you can set it to go off 15 minutes earlier than usual, giving enough time for breakfast (and spillages!) and getting ready to leave
  • the night before you can also make sure your school bags are packed, including homework and PE kit - this saves looking for it all in the morning
  • to save time in the mornings, you can also get your school clothing organised the night before as well
  • see that you leave home early enough to account for the worst traffic jam ever and the longest queue in the newsagent’s

In this way you can arrive at school with plenty of time to gossip with your friends, compare homework, play football and take part in your lessons from the start.

Who can I talk to about lateness?

If you have problems speak to your teacher.

Download the leaflet - Lateness for school (PDF, 84KB)

Last updated: 19 September 2019