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As we get older, safety becomes particularly important.

For information on a full range of safety issues visit People First.

Safety in the home and online

Being aware of the different safety risks around your home can help you prevent accidents or crimes from happening to you.

The most common types of accidents to occur in the home are trips, slips and falls.

If you’ve had a history of falls or are worried about falling you could get advice and help from your local NHS Falls Prevention Service.

For more information about the service and tips on reducing the risk of slips and falls, visit People First.

People First also offers guidance on how to recognise potential threats and how to stay safe online.


If you are a vulnerable adult, as a result of age or health problems, and think you are being abused, or if you are aware that another vulnerable adult is possibly being abused, you should tell someone you trust as soon as possible.

For information about abuse, how to report it and how to keep safe, view our say no to abuse booklet or visit People First.

To report abuse contact Adult Social Care:

Call 020 7641 2500


To find out what happens when you, or someone you know, has reported abuse, view our keeping safe from abuse and neglect booklet.

Last updated: 6 February 2020