Join the Westminster car club scheme

Our car club scheme, which are available to Westminster residents, businesses and visitors, provide members with the use of vehicles that can be parked on-street across the city and throughout Greater London in other London boroughs. The scheme aim to provide an alternative to private vehicle ownership, making vehicles available for those journeys that cannot be made by walking, cycling or public transport. 

Flexible car sharing 

Flexible car sharing services are now available in Westminster. These allow users to hire vehicles and to leave them in different on-street locations within Westminster and other participating London boroughs. There are currently approximately 150 vehicles available for flexible use in Westminster and significantly more London-wide. This new initiative is provided by Zipcar. The scheme is free to join.

A range of different vehicle models are available to drivers, offered by each of the operators, and as approximately 25% of the fleet is fully electric, drivers can journey emission-free with either. Our providers have committed to further transitioning their fleets to be fully electric in order to make car sharing an even greener alternative to private vehicle ownership. 

Zipcar - flexible sharing

Fixed Point or Round Trip Car Sharing 

A fixed-point car sharing service has been provided in Westminster by Zipcar since 2009. This scheme enables users to hire a vehicle from a fixed location and return it to the same location at the end of the session. There are 185 fixed-point car club spaces in Westminster, with a variety of vehicle types available: from small cars to vans. There are also 44 spaces dedicated to Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, each served by a charge-point alongside the bay, allowing drivers to journey emission-free. 

Zipcar - fixed point sharing

Last updated: 8 September 2020