The Integrated Street Engagement Unit

Westminster Council is extending a supporting hand to the most vulnerable in the city with an innovative new approach that will make a positive difference by focusing and coordinating action where it is needed most.

The pioneering Integrated Street Engagement Unit was conceived as part of the Leader’s #MyWestminster programme to improve people’s lives in the city. It will bring together council services with local charities and the police to provide a coordinated and comprehensive support for Westminster’s daytime street population.


The organisations that make up the unit will provide social care, health care and addiction support, in order to provide long term routes off the street. The goal is to help some of the most vulnerable people turn their lives around.

The team will be led by experienced and dedicated outreach workers and will provide the following services.

Listening to and helping those on the street

Our unit will work with, and support, our daytime street population every day to find out what help they need to turn their lives around.

Substance abuse support

Charity support workers with specialist skills will be able to provide practical support for those with mental illness and/or those addicted to alcohol or drugs. These specialists will be able to speak directly to people on the street, supported by the back-up provided by more traditional building based services.

Social care and housing support

With both charity outreach workers and council officials working together in the unit, those on the street will be directly helped through advice about accommodation options and what council services or public funds they can access.

The day to day activities of the unit will be determined through the expertise of the joint team, focusing action on where it will have the biggest impact in helping those who are on the streets.

Find out more about our work to support the vulnerable.

Last updated: 13 March 2018
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