Integrated Impact Assessment

An Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) is made up of three areas of assessment:

  • a Sustainability Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment - required by EU Directive to assess the social, economic and environmental impacts of new policies
  • an Equalities Impact Assessment - related to the council’s duties under the Equalities Act 2010 and the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, and assessing the impact of new policies on people of different ethnicities
  • a Health Assessment -  not a statutory requirement but good practice, to promote health gains for the local population, reduce health inequalities and ensure new policies do not actively damage health, particularly important in light of the Health and Social Care Act 2012

The IIA identifies the nature and importance of these effects, and the need for any additional measures to mitigate them, to help ensure the council takes a properly informed decision when developing new policies.

Integrated Impact Assessment for the Westminster City Plan Full Revision - Scoping Report

To support the Full Revision of the City Plan, the council is consulting on a revised and updated draft scoping report (PDF, 2.08MB) for its Integrated Impact Assessment replacing the scoping report that was prepared in 2014. The draft scoping report proposes a set of objectives and indicators against which the council will appraise the environmental, social and economic sustainability impacts as well as the equalities, health, and crime and disorder effects of its policies. The Scoping Report is not an Integrated Impact Assessment Report – but forms the first stage in the preparation of an integrated impact assessment.

Consultation on this draft scoping report is taking place between  25 August and 29 September 2017.

Previous IIA Scoping Reports

Consultation on the 2014 scoping report for Westminster's City Plan ended on 30 July 2014. Letters received in response to this consultation can be viewed below:

This scoping report is the first stage in preparing an Integrated Impact Assessment Report for Westminster’s City Plan. Under Section 19 (5) of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 a Sustainability Appraisal, which should also incorporate a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), is required for all Development Plan Documents (such as Westminster’s City Plan).

In addition to these requirements the IIA will also consider the equalities, community safety and health impacts of the policies in Westminster’s City Plan. The integrated approach as contained in the IIA avoids the need to undertake and report on separate assessments, seeks to reduce any duplication of assessment work and benefits from a shared understanding of the policies.

This new scoping report includes comments received in response to consultation on the scoping report for the City Management policies (see below) and is an opportunity to refresh the scoping report drafted in 2007 and used in the Sustainability Report for the Core Strategy and for the IIA Report for the NPPF Revision to the Westminster’s Core Strategy (now called Westminster’s City Plan: Strategic Policies).

CMP Revision Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) Scoping Report Consultation

A scoping report (PDF, 680KB) for the city management plan policies was published with consultation carried out between 4 October 2012 and 9 November 2012 the CMP Revision. 

The Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) Report for the Core Strategy Revision

This is an addendum to the Core Strategy Sustainability Appraisal report and its associated Scoping Report.

The IIA fulfils the requirement for a Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment and for an Equalities Impact Assessment. Although not a statutory requirement, a Health Impact Assessment has also been included in the IIA as good practice.

The IIA framework was used to assess changes to policy in the Core Strategy NPPF Revision (Westminster's City Plan: Strategic Policies).

The final version of the IIA (PDF, 1.8MB) that was approved by the Cabinet Member for the Built Environment on 23 August 2013. This was an addendum to The Core Strategy Sustainability Appraisal which included a Strategic Environmental Assessment (November 2009) and the associated scoping report of 2007.

Last updated: 25 August 2017
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