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Westminster's planning policies

Westminster's Development Plan

There are several key policies and documents that planning applications in Westminster are determined by. These make up Westminster's Development Plan and include:

  1. Westminster’s City Plan
  • ​adopted by full council on 9 November 2016
  • full weight as part of the Development Plan
  • is currently being reviewed - only very limited weight should be given to the emerging policies at an early stage of the plan-making process.

View emerging policies

2.  Unitary Development Plan (UDP) 

  • parts of this plan were 'saved' and weren't replaced by the City Plan
  • these ‘saved policies’ should not be considered out-of-date and due weight should continue to be given to relevant policies, particularly to their degree of consistency with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) - the closer the policies in the UDP to those in the NPPF, the greater the weight that should be given
  • these policies will be replaced by the revisions to the City Plan once they are adopted

3. Neighbourhood Plans:

  • Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Plan and Mayfair Neighbourhood Plan have passed referendum 
  • They are used lin determining planning applications in the Knightsbridge Neighbourhood Area and Mayfair Neighbourhood Area respectively

4.  London Plan:

  • The Mayor of London adopted a revised London Plan  in 2016
  • A full review of the London Plan is underway (Examination of the draft New London Plan is ongoing)

Local Development Scheme

​Detailed information about the programme and proposed contents of the City Plan revision is set out in Westminster’s Local Development Scheme. The latest LDS can be viewed as a post-submission core document in Westminster’s City Plan examination library.

National Planning Policy Framework

The government’s National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) 2012 created a structure which assists local councils in creating their own Local Plans. It is part of the government’s reforms to make the planning system less complex and more accessible.

Policies in the NPPF can be used directly to determine planning applications as a material consideration.

A revised National Planning Policy Framework was published on 24 July 2018.

Read the National Planning Policy Framework (2018) at GOV.UK

Last updated: 6 April 2020