Improving your health

Whether you’re a smoker, you’re concerned about your drinking habits or you simply want to lead a healthier lifestyle, there’s plenty you can do to improve your health here in Westminster.


1. One You Westminster

One You Westminster is here to help by supporting you to make simple changes towards a longer, healthier and happier life. One You provides stop smoking and cardiovascular services, as well as One You clubs. 

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2. Alcohol and substance misuse

Are you worried about how much you are drinking, about your drug use or the drug and alcohol use of someone you know? Here in Westminster, we have a range of free support available.

The Drug and Alcohol Wellbeing Service (DAWS) -  offers free advice, support and recovery services for residents affected by drug and alcohol misuse in Westminster.

The Alcohol Service provides free, confidential support for anyone affected by alcohol use in Westminster. Whether you are looking to stop drinking, cut down, or you’re concerned by the drinking behaviour of someone close to you, the Alcohol Service can support you. 

The Club Drug Clinic provides free specialist support for adult clubbers and LGBTQ+ residents who have developed problems with a range of ‘club drugs’. 

If you’re aged 18 or over and are experiencing problems with both your mental health and drug or alcohol use, you can get specialist support from the Dual Diagnosis Team. Call 020 7341 5335 for more information.

Build on Belief is also available to support residents going through drug and/or alcohol recovery. Build on Belief services are run by people who have had their own experiences of drug and/or alcohol addiction and know first-hand what the journey to recovery is like.

Outside Edge’s theatre group offers people recovering from substance misuse the opportunity to get into drama and theatre.

Are you a child or young person living with or affected by drug or alcohol misuse? Find out about services available to you.

You can learn more about drug and alcohol misuse services on People First.


3. Mental health and wellbeing

Good mental health and wellbeing is crucial, it means we're able to lead happy and healthy lives. Yet it’s possible that any one of us can be affected by poor mental health and wellbeing at any point. In Westminster, ensuring residents have good mental health and wellbeing is a key priority. 

Help when you're feeling low

Help is at hand. If you or someone you know is feeling like life is not worth living, or if you've been bereaved by suicide, you don't have to struggle alone.

There are a number of organisations that can help when you need it most.

The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) offers support to men in Westminster of any age who are down, in crisis or need to talk via their helpline, webchat and website.  

Westminster Sings

If you love singing, why not join one of our community choirs? Many don't require auditions and are a great place to have fun and make new friends.

If you're interested in helping people overcome mental health issues through the power of music, read more about the Westminster Sings grant.


Last updated: 5 June 2019