Engine idling

Leaving an engine running unnecessarily while a vehicle is stationary pollutes the air we breathe, causes unnecessary noise and costs drivers money. Switching off your engine is an easy way to help improve air quality and the health of people in Westminster. 

Turn off your engine when stationary, loading or waiting at the roadside, and:

  • reduce pollution - turning off and restarting an engine causes less pollution than keeping the engine running
  • protect your health - turning off your engine could help to reduce asthma, heart disease and lung cancer
  • save money - idling wastes fuel and money
  • protect your car - idling can increase wear and tear on your engine

Marshals are out on the streets talking to drivers about the impact idling has on pollution, noise and health. From Monday 6 February 2017, if a driver is asked to turn their engine off by a Marshal and refuses they could be issued with an £80 Penalty Charge Notice.

Report engine idling

    Last updated: 29 March 2017
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