How to claim your dog

If your dog has been collected, to claim it you will need to:

  • provide proof of your residential address such as a utility bill
  • demonstrate ownership of the dog - a kennel club registration, family pet photo, a vet bill etc
  • pay a charge for the collection and kennelling of your dog


If a dog is returned to an owner without going to kennels, then the statutory fine of £25 will be charged together with a collection fee of £30 for returning the dog*.

If we can't find the owner the stray will be transported to our kennels and kept there for 7 days. Further fees and charges will apply:

Daily kennel fee £15 per day plus VAT
Admin charge £20 plus VAT
Collection fee £30 plus VAT
Statutory fee £25
Vet fees Dependent on dog's health when collected**

*These fees could be higher dependent upon the time the dog needs to be returned. The contractor will advise owners of the full fees payable. Owners can arrange to collect and pay for their dog from the kennels during operational periods.

**If the dog is injured or requires veterinary assistance these fees will be added to the final cost. These costs could vary depending on the dogs’ health and or condition.

Last updated: 27 June 2016
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