How to bid for social housing

You can bid for a property from the Wednesday it appears on the Home Connections and in the property booklet until midnight the following Sunday.

There are various ways you can bid for a property, please follow the instructions below or alternatively download one of our booklets to help you. 

Download the Choice Based Lettings Guide (PDF)
Download the Choice Based Lettings Guide - Bidding Summary (PDF)

You won't be able to bid for a property if you are in rent arrears. Please read our arrears policy for more details.

1. Bidding online

  • log in to Home Connections - you will only be able to log in if you have been accepted onto the council's housing register
  • a page will open showing your points total, bedrooms required and whether your application is 'registered for bidding' or 'suspended'
  • click on 'search properties' 
  • enter your search criteria into the boxes and click 'search for properties matching above criteria'.
  • click on 'full property info' for more details of each property (if you want to bid for a property you have seen in the weekly flyer, enter its advert number in the 'search by property advert number' and click 'find')
  • if the property is the right size for you and your case is active you will get a 'click here to bid for this property' button in the top left corner - if you click on it your bid will be registered and you will get a message to confirm 

2. Bidding by mobile phone

You can bid by downloading the CBL App from the following;

Google Play
Apple AppStore

Have your User ID, PIN and the property advert number ready.

  • open a new text message on your phone
  • leaving no spaces, enter: 'bid', '#', your User ID number, '#', your PIN, then for each property you want to bid for, '#' followed by the advert reference number
    For example, if your User ID is 987654, your PIN is 010164 and you want to bid for two properties, with references 123456 and 555444, your text message would read: bid#987654#010164#123456#555444
  • check the numbers are correct, press 'send' on your key pad and key in 0780 014 0739
  • if you have followed steps 1 to 3 correctly, you should get a text from us within an hour telling you whether your bid is valid or not

3. Auto bidding

Auto-bidding can be considered for vulnerable applicants that cannot participate, or have no-one to participate on their behalf, in the CBL bidding process. If an applicant is agreed for auto-bidding, the system will place bids automatically according to the applicant's preferred area and the bedsize they are eligible for.

Last updated: 26 January 2017
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