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My Estate Action Plan

Estate Action Plans are resident-led plans that help to deliver the changes you want to see on your estate.

Published on: 5 January 2021

Last updated: 10 August 2021

Luxborough Tower

Estate contacts                                                            

Housing service officer 

Krupa Pindolia

Action plans

Date agreed: November 2019
Date to be reviewed: The plan is reviewed with the RA each month.  If you have an issue you’d like us to address please contact us or your Resident Association so these can be considered as part of the next review.


Your estate priorities
  • improve the safety of the block 
  • tackling Anti-social behaviour


Action                                               Due date
Install auto-closer for doors at South entrance to Luxborough September 2021
Status: Parts on order, to be fitted once delivered  

Install new recycling signs for the block 

September 2021
Status: Parts still on order to be fitted  
Relocate the bins to the far end of the car park September 2021
Status: This will be completed pending the moving of the relevant bins to their new location. Pending confirmation of the move.   


Action delivered                                                Delivered on
Gate closed sign added to the garden March 2020
Bike racks installed December 2020

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