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Information for Leaseholders regarding heating and hot water, pest infestation, buildings insurance and subletting your home.

Published on: 8 January 2021

Last updated: 4 November 2021


The council is responsible for your building insurance and part of your service charge covers this cost. 

Your building is insured under policy number 2021CP000109 with Avid Insurance Services Limited.

You must take all reasonable steps to minimise loss or damage to all insured property including keeping the buildings in a good condition and state of repair.

On the happening of an event, which could give rise to a claim under this policy, you shall immediately notify your insurer with particulars and proofs as may be reasonably required.

Claims must be notified within 28 days of the event in the case of damage caused by riot, civil commotion, strikes, labour disturbances or malicious persons, or as soon as reasonably possible in the case of all other claim.

If you wish to make a claim on your buildings insurance, please contact Questgates Limited, claims administrators on behalf of Avid Insurance Services Ltd, quoting policy number 2021CP000109:

Claims are managed by QuestGates as our Insurers appointed agents. QuestGates are Chartered Loss Adjusters and Claims Handling specialists.

The most efficient way to submit a claim is via the following link This uploads the details of the claim together with any documents / photo’s / video’s you have of the damage via a secure network. The platform can be used at any time of day, 365 days a year. The average time to make a claim via this method is circa 6 minutes. QuestGates will contact you as soon as they can to progress the claim, once they have received it.

Alternatively, you can submit a claim via email to [email protected] or post to the address below. if the matter is urgent please telephone them on 01204 860427, which is answered 24 hours a day.

TPA Solutions, Questgates Limited, Benchmark House, Folds Point, Folds Road, Bolton, BL1 2RZ

I think my property is under or over insured

If you are unsure if the level of cover is adequate, you are advised to arrange for the flat to be surveyed and valued for insurance purposes by a RICS qualified surveyor. Where we receive written requests for a chance in the fire valuation we will consider them. Please note that Insurance cover runs for a full financial year and no changes affecting the premium can be made until the next renewal date. Where alterations or extensions have been carried out without landlord's consent, you should be aware that in the event of a major incident you may not be fully covered.

If you have any queries regarding the level of insurance provided, please email [email protected] or write to Insurance Section, Town Hall, 8 Hornton Street, London W8 7NX.  

Please note that if you short-let your property, you are not covered by our current Building’s Insurance policy as this is a breach of your lease which invalidates your coverage.

Buildings Insurance Premium for 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022

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