Housing policy and strategy

Our housing strategy, tenancy strategy and homelessness strategy are all important to Westminster City Council

1. Homelessness Strategy

Our Homelessness Strategy 2019 – 2024 sets out a ten point plan to tackle and respond to homelessness in the city. It aims to:

  • prevent more people from becoming homeless in the first place
  • improve our services and response when people do become homeless
  • meet the challenges ahead and have a homelessness system fit for the future

To develop the strategy, we carried out a review of homelessness and consulted on a draft. More information on the consultation can be found here.

The Strategy is also accompanied by an action plan.

Our strategy does not cover rough sleeping as it is a specific problem which requires its own strategy (see the Rough Sleeping Strategy) and response.

You can also view the draft Homelessness Strategy and the review at:

Westminster City Hall
64 Victoria Street
London, SW1E 6QP
Between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday


The Housing Solutions Service
82 Bruckner Street
London, W10 4EY
Between 10 am to 4pm Monday to Friday

2. Tenancy Policy

The council’s Tenancy Policy sets out its approach to flexible tenancies (brought in by the Localism Act 2011) in its own housing stock. The policy follows the principles of the Tenancy Strategy (which is a guide to all social housing with stock in Westminster in their approach to fixed term tenure).

The Tenancy Policy also sets out the council’s general approach to tenancy management and housing fraud.

For any further information about the Tenancy Policy Write to Policy, Performance and Communications team, 19th Floor City Hall, 64 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6QP.

Call 020 7641 2789.

3. Leaseholder policy for Housing Renewal Areas

The updated Policy 2018, sets out the financial compensation and rehousing options for leaseholders where the council wants to acquire their properties in order for housing renewal to go ahead. A summary of the policy can be found here.

The new policy replaces the one originally published in 2014. 

To find out more about the policy, write to Policy, Performance and Communications Team, Westminster City Hall, 64 Victoria Street, Westminster, London, SW1E 6QP.

Call 020 7641 2789.

4. Rough Sleeping Strategy

At Westminster City Council, we are working closely with our prevention team and partner organisations to help those who are sleeping rough get off the streets and into accommodation. Click on the link to find out about our Rough Sleeping Strategy 2017-2022.

Cabinet Member Decision Report Rough Sleeping Strategy 2017-22

​Equality impact assessment tool 

Click on the link to find out how you can help someone sleeping rough



5. Housing Strategy

Housing Strategy 2015 - direction of travel statement
Draft Housing Strategy 2015
Draft Housing Strategy summary 2015
Westminster Housing Market Analysis Final report
Westminster Housing Market Analysis Summary report
LHMS Ecorys report
Housing Strategy press release

The council’s Housing Strategy - direction of travel statement sets out the general direction the council wants to go in with regard to housing. It also summarises responses received to the housing strategy consultation in summer 2015. A full housing strategy will be published once the impact of national housing policy changes on the council’s housing plans are clearer. You can also read a fuller summary of responses to the consultation.

For any further information about the statement write to Policy, Performance and Communications team, 19th Floor City Hall, 64 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6QP.

Call 020 7641 2789.

6. Tenancy Strategy

The council has published a Tenancy Strategy (PDF, 315KB) setting out its approach to fixed term tenancies. In line with the Localism Act 2011, all social landlords in Westminster are expected to have regard to the strategy when developing or updating policies for their own housing stock.

For any further information about the strategy write to Policy, Performance and Communications team, 19th Floor City Hall, 64 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6QP.


7. Policy for Tenants in Housing Renewal Areas

The policy sets out the rehousing rights and options for council tenants that need to move due to housing renewal. It also sets out what other tenants in housing renewal areas can expect.  

View the policy

A summary of the policy can be found here.

For further information, contact Dermot Moloney, Senior Regeneration Manager at dmoloney@westminster.gov.uk.

8. Allocations scheme

We publish our policies for assessing housing priority and allocating social housing in our Housing Allocation Scheme. In these exceptional circumstances, as a result of Covid-19, we will still do everything we can to support the vulnerable and help people into a safe place to live sooner, all in accordance with government guidance. People that need to move for urgent health and welfare reasons are always our top priority and so we have decided on an interim approach to our allocations policy and the way we set up new tenancies and move people, to ultimately help safeguard those most at risk during this time and offer housing where most appropriate. Read the full details of these changes including how people are allocated homes in our Interim Allocation of Housing Statement which comes into effect from Monday 18 May.   

Housing Allocation Scheme March 2020 (PDF, 1MB)

Supply and allocation reports

This annual report reviews the supply and demand for social rented housing and low-cost home ownership for the last financial year and forthcoming  year. It also makes proposals for policy developments.

Supply and Allocation Report 2018/2019 (PDF, 1MB) 

Location of temporary accommodation 

The GIS map below shows the location of all Westminster City Council’s temporary accommodation in March 2015. 


Cabinet Member for housing

The Cabinet Member for Housing is Councillor David Harvey.

Implementation of housing policy

The Housing Solutions Service is provided by Places for People. 

Housing allocation documents

Social Housing Supply and Allocation 2011/12 Housing Allocation Scheme October 2013
Social Housing Supply and Allocation 2012/13 Housing Allocation Scheme October 2014
Social Housing Supply and Allocation 2013/14 Housing Allocation Scheme June 2015
Social Housing Supply and Allocation 2014/15 Housing Allocation Scheme August 2015
Social Housing Supply and Allocation 2015/16 Housing Allocation Scheme November 2015
Social Housing Supply and Allocation 2016/17 Housing Allocation Scheme March 2016
Supply and Allocation Report 2017/2018 (PDF, 700KB) Housing Allocation Scheme March 2017
  Housing Allocation Scheme March 2018

9. Homelessness policies

There are 3 homelessness policies:   


More information about the policies can be found on the committee papers webpage.

Last updated: 11 June 2020