Healthy Workplace Charter

Investing in healthy workplaces makes clear business sense

Free support is on offer to help you develop a wellbeing culture in your organisation and, as a result, boost performance through the London Healthy Workplace Charter.

The Healthy Workplace Charter is a framework for action that helps employers build good practice in health and wellbeing in their organisation.

As an employer in Westminster, you are eligible for the added benefits of discounted mental health and wellbeing training for managers.

Strengthen your brand and reputation and join organisations that already stand out with this prestigious accreditation.

The charter supports all types of employers, large and small, from the public, private and voluntary sectors. 

1. The benefits

There are many benefits of having a healthy and happy workforce including:

  • saving money
  • enhancing engagement
  • improving productivity
  • lowering sickness absences
  • heavily discounted mental health and wellbeing training for managers
  • free local support from a healthy workplace advisor
  • prestigious accreditation to help you stand out

For further information please see The Business Case for Wellbeing.

2. The standards

Corporate support and wellbeing

Creating a working environment which is conducive to health and supported by senior management.

Attendance management

Effective data collation and how it’s used to reduce and monitor sickness absenteeism. How is long and short term sickness managed?

Health and safety

The systems the organisation uses to monitor and improve health and safety.

Mental health and wellbeing

How the organisation protects and promotes the mental wellbeing of staff and reduce stigma.


As the leading cause of premature death and illness, how does an organisation go beyond the minimum legal requirement to address this?

Physical activity

How the organisation actively promotes the importance and benefits of regular physical activity.

Healthy eating

Ways in which the organisation actively encourages and enables staff to eat healthily.

Alcohol and substance misuse

The way an organisation responds to problematic use of alcohol and other substances.

3. Get involved

Register online if you're interested in signing up to the charter.

Register online

For further information or to arrange a meeting, please contact or 020 7641 2676.

4. Case studies

TfL received a Healthy Workplace Charter award for excellence.

Who is Transport for London (TfL)?

TfL is the integrated transport authority responsible for delivering the Mayor of London's strategy and commitments on transportation. They run the day-to-day operations of London's public transport network and manage London's main roads.

Every day more than 31 million journeys are made across London's network of trains, bus, boats, and roads. TfL works to keep the city moving, working and growing.

Why did TfL sign up to the Healthy Workplace Charter?

TfL signed up to the Healthy Workplace Charter to benchmark their Health and Wellbeing Improvement Programme and to determine how well they had been delivering their programme. They were already covering key areas of health and wellbeing, but wanted tan impartial view of their programme from an external body to identify any gaps and to provide any recommendations on how they could improve the programme.

TfL said: "the idea of having an external award and being seen as a healthy workplace was appealing and worthwhile, the guidance for the charter was clear and helpful, and the process was smooth and stress free".

What have they achieved?

By signing up to the charter they were able to identify gaps, such as how to increase the awareness of good nutrition and to promote it in-house. They were able to put together effective action plans to develop their wellbeing agenda even further.

TfL has been the first organisation awarded excellence in Westminster. They received accreditation in 2013. They are continuing to priorities and deliver innovative and comprehensive programme to their employees.


5. Accredited companies

Accredited companies Date and level accredited
Taylor Woodrow Bam Nuttal JV Commitment September 2015
Balfour Beatty Commitment April 2016
Turning Point Achievement August 2016
Strategy & Transformation team NW London Commitment September 2016
The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom Achievement September 2016
Change Grow Live Achievement September 2016
The Portman Estate Achievement September 2016
Central London Community Health Commitment October 2016
Jumeirah Commitment November 2016
Royal College of Surgeons Commitment November 2016
Cerner Commitment November 2016
Rolls Royce Commitment November 2016
Royal Society of Arts Commitment November 2016
Travis Perkins Commitment November 2016
CCG West London Commitment November 2016
David Miller Architects Commitment November 2016
Everyone Active Commitment March 2017
Central London Community Health Achievement May 2017
Westminster University Commitment June 2017
CCG Central London Achievement November 2017
CCG Hammersmith & Fulham Achievement November 2017
St Mungo's Achievement November 2017
AIMS Consultancy Commitment November 2017
Lewis and Hickey Commitment November 2017
Queen's Park Primary School Commitment November 2017
JBW Group Commitment April 2018
Queen's Park Primary School Achievement May 2018
Royal Lancaster Hotel Commitment May 2018
Leon Commitment June 2018 
BRT  Commitment July 2018
Montgomery  Commitment July 2018
Georgian House Hotel Commitment July 2018

City West Homes

Commitment July 2018

6. Resources

Below are a list of resources you may find useful. For more information on health and living well, search the People First website.

General workplace health resources on workplace health

London City Hall on workplace health

MIND charity on how to promote workplace health (PDF)


NHS smokefree

​Kick it, free local advice to stop smoking


Visit the Westminster sports and leisure pages

For a free TfL cycle safety seminar, email


7. Mental health and wellbeing training

Tuesday 30 October 2018 from 1.30pm to 5.30pm

Location: 5 Strand, London WC2N 5HR

1 in 6 employees are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression at any given time. Poor mental health and stress are consistently amongst the top reasons for sickness absence across all sectors and the trend is increasing. Mental health and wellbeing is a key area to consider when building healthy and happy workplaces.

Course content

The council’s Healthy Workplace Charter team provides bespoke training on mental health and wellbeing, tailored to the needs of your business. The course is in 2 parts: 

  1. What is wellbeing, how to support positive mental health, common mental health problems (stress, depression, anxiety) in the workplace, how to recognise signs and symptoms, and how to tackle stigma.
  2. Managing mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, listening and coaching skills, the importance of early intervention, understanding the Equality Act / reasonable adjustments and knowing where to seek help.

Format and cost

The half day training course is available to businesses signed up to the Healthy Workplace Charter for just £25 and to non-charter members for £50; courses can even be delivered at your business. The course is for maximum of 18 delegates.

What's included

  • training materials, electronic copies of presentations and handouts
  • recommended resources to support line employers and managers
  • ongoing email support for 30 days 

The impact

Pre-session and post-session meetings will be arranged to understand your needs and challenges and discuss appropriate feedback and evaluation. Evaluation forms will be given to delegates to assess the success of the session. After training, it is expected that delegates will have improved awareness of issues affecting mental health and wellbeing and be able to demonstrate the essential skills needed in the workplace including listening, coaching and effective communication.


Email or call 020 7641 2676 to book.

About the trainer

Dorothy Martin is a Wellbeing Consultant for the Westminster Healthy Workplace Charter. She is committed to increasing awareness about health and wellbeing in business to prevent burn-out, and enhance resilience, motivation and creativity. Dorothy has proven experience in the field of organisational wellbeing in the public, private and voluntary sectors, with qualifications in psychology (MSc), international public health (MSc), and human nutrition (Dip).

8. Westminster Health Champions programme

This programme is delivered over 6 half day sessions taking place over 6 months, with ongoing activities and support outside the class. Course dates are 1 November 2018, 6 December, 15 January 2019, 12 February, 5 March and 26 March (all 1pm to 5pm).

Location: 5 Strand, London WC2N 5HR

Do you have passion for health and wellbeing? Does your business need to do more to improve the wellbeing of its staff? The Westminster Health Champions programme is the course to help you bring about real and lasting change in your business.

Course content

The programme is aimed at developing people who are responsible for and enthusiastic about improving health and wellbeing in the workplace. It will help health champions to make the most of their personal strengths, learn how to drive long-term changes within their companies and provide participants with a clear action plan. 

In 6 sessions, we will:

  • explore the values of your organisation and develop a vision for effective health and wellbeing promotion at work
  • evaluate your unique strengths and discover your full potential
  • discuss the importance of listening skills and learn how to coach people to find their own solutions
  • learn to understand and reduce stress and use creative techniques to become more resilient 
  • learn about leadership, sharing your vision and encouraging others to follow, in order to create a transformational change within your organisation
  • reflect on achievements and failures and develop a clear action plan for the next year which will deliver change on individual and organisational levels

Format and cost

It costs £350 per person and businesses are encouraged to send 2 members of staff, in order for them to support each other and reach more colleagues within their business long-term. There is a maximum of 10 participants. If you have 8 champions taking part, we can deliver this programme at your workplace.

What's included

  • training materials, electronic copies of presentations and handouts
  • ongoing support via email with course tutors and group
  • recommended resources – relevant books and Ted Talks 

The impact

The course will enable health champions to develop confidence and understanding of their potential to transform health and wellbeing in their business. They will be able to produce an effective, personalised action plan for their business, with clear accountability and outcomes. As a result of implementing that action plan, you can expect to see reduced sickness and improved productivity in your workforce.


Email or call 020 7641 2676 to book.

About the trainers

Dorothy Martin is a Wellbeing Consultant for the Westminster Healthy Workplace Charter. She is committed to increasing awareness about health and wellbeing in business to prevent burn-out, and enhance resilience, motivation and creativity. Dorothy has proven experience in the field of organisational wellbeing in the public, private and voluntary sectors, with qualifications in psychology (MSc), international public health (MSc), and human nutrition (Dip).

Tiffany McLean is a Project Manager for the Westminster Healthy Workplace Charter. She is dedicated to creating awareness amongst business leaders about the importance of employee wellbeing. Tiffany has a BA (Hons) and PG Dip in Business Management and is a qualified Business and Leadership coach. She has also worked for a major manufacturing company, project managing a social initiative for staff throughout the UK & Ireland. 

9. Newsletter

We provide a quarterly e-newsletter for businesses interested in the Healthy Workplace Charter which provides advice, support, events, training courses and much more.

Read the summer newsletter

Last updated: 20 September 2018
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