Wed, 14/02/2018

We all need to do more to reduce the levels of plastic waste. 

Today, Leader of the council Councillor Nickie Aiken has pledged to give up single use plastics for Lent to change her plastic habits for good.  

Over the next 40 days Nickie will be ditching the coffee cups and taking a stand against plastic straws to reduce her plastic footprint.    

You can join our green challenge by giving up single use plastics and sharing your story on Twitter using the hashtag Green4Lent.    

Ways to give up plastic

  1. Buy a reusable coffee cup.
  2. Try making your own lunch.
  3. Think about your hygiene at home.
  4. Use a flannel and reusable floss.
  5. Talk to your local supermarket about using less plastic.
  6. Invest in a reusable water bottle.
  7. Think about how you buy your fruit and veg - go loose or use paper bags.
  8. Stop using plastic bags.
  9. Don't buy pre packed small fruit pots.
  10. Say no to straws.
  11. Carry a spare fork or spoon.
  12. Buy plastic free when you can.




Last updated: 9 May 2018
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