Getting into work: support for young people

Wed, 12/08/2015

As A-level and GCSE results come in young people are looking to the future and can often feel unsure of their next steps.

The council has a range of support to help young people get their foot on the career ladder, gain work experience or find the training opportunity for them.

One such programme is the council’s Apprenticeship scheme which sees young people matched with opportunities at the council helping them gain practical skills and experience in the workplace. We are currently recruiting for six positions, to apply visit the London Apprenticeship Company website.

Nicholas Driver from Victoria, 19, previously joined the Westminster Apprenticeship scheme:

“I feel really happy as I’m now learning and training whilst working and I know I’m learning skills which will help me in the future. It’s really good to be getting experience whilst getting paid and you get a lot of stability with an apprenticeship and that really makes a difference.

“I had been looking for a job for a few months and had a number of interviews but I kept getting told that I didn’t have the experience to get the job. I found out about London Apprenticeship Company and sent through my CV. I had an interview with the Health and Safety team and they told me straight away that I’d got the job, which was brilliant.”

Visit London Apprenticeship Company’s website to find and apply for roles, positions will continue to come up throughout the year.

For more information about advice and support for young people see the Little Book of Westminster.

Last updated: 2 February 2017
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