Getting help if you're a young carer

You may be a young person or child looking after someone at home who is unwell or disabled. This person is often a parent, but can be a grandparent, or brother or sister. You are probably not the only carer in your school. You might consider yourself as a young person with caring responsibilities.

What young carers do

They help in lots of different ways, like doing the housework, getting the weekly shopping, keeping an eye on people, helping them wash and dress, cheering them up.

How young carers can get help

As a young carer you have a right to be supported and to get the help you need.

To find out about help and support available from the council, contact us by email or call 0207 641 4000.

You can also speak to someone you trust, like a family member or teacher, and ask them to contact the council for you.

What the council can do to help

Someone will get in touch with you, this could be a Social Worker or an Early Help Family Practitioner. They will want to hear how you feel, whether your situation is ok, and if more support would help you and the person you care for. This is called an assessment but isn't a test of how good you are at caring. It's to find out what help you and your family need.

When the worker calls you, you can discuss with them alone, or with your mother or father or someone else. Remember they are there to help you, and your views are important.

Other support and advice

There are lots of other organisations you can contact for help or advice as well. Some of these are:

Last updated: 17 April 2020