The Futures Plan

The Futures Plan was a renewal plan for the Paddington Green, Church Street and Lisson Grove area. It was prepared during 2011 and published in 2012. The main features of the Futures Plan were to improve existing homes and build new homes; to provide new and better parks and children’s play areas; to improve shops, jobs and business opportunities; and to ensure that all those who live and work in the area have access to good quality schools, healthcare and other services.

The Church Street masterplan, which was adopted by the Council in December 2017, has replaced the Futures Plan. The masterplan builds on the themes in the Futures Plan.

Cabinet decision on The Futures Plan

The consultation on the recommended options for Church Street, Paddington Green and Lisson Grove ended in April 2011. A report was written, which went to the council’s cabinet meeting on 27 June 2011. You can download the papers for this meeting below. At the meeting, cabinet discussed the proposals of The Futures Plan. Cabinet focused on phase 1 of the project, which includes Parsons North, Cosway Street, Luton Street and 4 Lilestone Street.

It was agreed this phase should proceed to the next stage, where more detailed site specific planning documents will be put together.

Neighbourhood Charter

The Neighbourhood Charter was developed with the Futures Team – a group of about 50 people who live and work in Church Street, Paddington Green and Lisson Grove. The Charter sets out the shared ambitions of the council and the Futures Team, setting out a vision for the neighbourhood over the next 20 years. It also contains commitments about the principles underpinning the Futures Plan - for example, that no tenant or resident leaseholder will be forced to leave the area and that existing tenants who move to a new home will have the same rights of tenure.

You can download a copy of the Charter, or pop into the Neighbourhood Centre or the Paddington Green Estate Office to pick up a copy.

Westminster City Council launched its Housing Renewal Strategy in March 2010. The Strategy made a clear commitment to delivering better quality homes in prosperous neighbourhoods to create thriving mixed communities.


Church Street and Paddington Green Infrastructure and Public Realm Plan documents

Executive Summary

Implementation Plan

Appendix 1 - Green Infrastructure Strategy

Appendix 2 - Blue Infrastructure Strategy

Appendix 3 - Grey Infrastructure

Appendix 4 - Movement Strategy

Appendix 5 - Arts and Culture Strategy

Appendix 6 - Market Strategy

Key Strategies and Design Codes

Last updated: 23 July 2018