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Future of Westminster Commission

About the Commission

The Future of Westminster Commission will advise the Council on areas of policy that are critical to the future success of the City. It will review and make recommendations on the delivery of key council services to deliver a fairer Westminster for residents.

The Commission exists to bring in new suggestions and perspectives, but not to take decisions.

It is made up of a core Commission Group with four dedicated work streams, each of which will have its own group of expert advisers to help develop new ideas and policy proposals. The strands are as follows:


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Advise on increasing genuinely affordable housing. As a priority look at options for improving our response to homelessness and housing need as well as the quality of services provided to tenants and leaseholders.

Energy and green transition

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Advise on ways to enhance and accelerate climate action to achieve a net zero Westminster by 2040.

Fairness and equality

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Advise on approaches and initiatives that will enable and deliver a fairer, more equal and inclusive city.

Economy and employment

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Advise on how the Council enables more Westminster residents to share in the economic successes of the city.

We want to hear from you about the four topic areas.

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Giving communities a greater say

The Commission will also focus on giving residents and communities a far greater say in Council decisions and services.

It will review our approach to consultation on policies and service delivery seeking to ensure this is done in partnership with local communities. This will include looking at our relationships and support for the voluntary and community sector.

How will it work?

The Commission will report to the Leader of the Council and will engage with:

  • residents
  • local organisations
  • businesses
  • independent experts
  • academics and think tanks
  • other authorities
  • the Mayor of London
  • central government departments.

The Commission will act in an advisory role only and will share recommendations through notes, reports, and presentations.

Final policy or service decisions will remain with the Cabinet and Council in line with the constitution and usual decision making processes.

For more detailed information as to how the Commission will work and what the strands of enquiry will be looking at, see the terms of reference approved by the cabinet.

Members of the Commission

The Commission consists of experts with proven track records from both the public and private sector. Their expertise cover areas such as private enterprise, business improvements, politics, academia, schools, planning, and regeneration.

Neale Coleman has been appointed as chair the Commission and will be supported by the following leads:

  • Claudette Forbes, Economy and Employment
  • Syed Ahmed, Energy and Green Transition
  • Karen Buck MP, Fairness and Equality
  • Steve Hilditch, Housing

Each work stream will in turn be advised by a range of individuals with subject specific expertise. Find more details of the Commission membership and advisors below.


Watch a recording of the first meeting of the Commission on Thursday 21 June.

Further information

Read the Cabinet report that established the Future of Westminster Commission.

We want to hear from you about the four topic areas.

Share your thoughts and ideas