Family Recovery Programme

The Family Recovery Programme (FRP) within Westminster is an integrated multi-agency team. The team will persistently support and intervene with families who are at risk of losing their children, home and/or liberty. This will improve the experience of the families and their communities.

FRP works in a targeted and phased way to support a family’s capacity for change and to embed and sustain changes.

Our Model:

  • Ensures integrated work practice and reduces the duplication of resources
  • Works in an inclusive and transparent manner with both families and other professionals to deliver the best possible outcomes

FRP key characteristics:

  1. Each family is offered a Team Around the Family TAF meeting at which lead professionals as well as the Team Around the Family are appointed. An itel report is also produced on the family to support the care plan development.
  2. Two lead workers provide a single point of contact for children and for adults.
  3. A single multi agency care plan ensures effective joint working.
  4. We work intensively for around 12 months, with 3 weekly review meetings so we can be responsive to change. The family are also asked to attend every 6 weeks with the expectation that they are fully signed up to the plan.
  5. The team are co-located so we can provide a wide range of support and share information to meet the needs of the family.
  6. Our services are phased – we prioritising presenting issues to avoid overloading the family.
  7. We seek the family’s consent to work with them and we are clear about what we are hoping to achieve and transparent about the possible negative outcomes if the family is unable to make or sustain change.
  8. Families are integral to their care planning and review meetings.
Last updated: 9 August 2016