Free one-to-one cycle sessions

Mon, 17/11/2014

Whether you use your bike to pop out to the shops, go for a ride around the Royal Parks or are a seasoned cyclist, you can brush up on your cycling skills and increase your confidence in free group and one-to-one city cycling courses.

Cycling novices can join a free group training session where you can build up your confidence in an off road area and learn the skills you need to be safe on your bike on the roads.

If you would rather go it alone, whatever your level of experience, you could benefit from a one-to-one training session with a qualified instructor. Learn the techniques needed to cope with traffic, road positioning, signalling and general cycle safety. The session will be tailored to your needs and can take place at a time agreed with your instructor.

Are you an experienced cyclist?

Think a cycle course may not be for you? Sometimes we fall into bad habits, brush up on your skills and refresh your memory on cycle safety.

If you work in a school you can book a free course for your school now for years two to six.

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Last updated: 10 August 2016
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