Fast-track table and chair licence applications

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created a new fast-track tables and chairs application process to enable businesses to provide outside tables and chairs for up to 3 months. 

Businesses can apply for a tables and chairs licence for any outside space that is not on private land belonging to those premises. This area can go beyond an individual business and in front of neighbours, provided that consent has been obtained from that business or landlord and it accompanies any application.

Apply online for a fast-track table and chairs licence 


There are specific requirements of the fast-track application process:

  • there will be an application fee of £100
  • the table and chairs licence will be issued for 3 months
  • undertake and provide a COVID-19 risk assessment to demonstrate that the premises is COVID-19 secure before the premises reopens.  Read GOV.UK's useful guide and isk assessment template for this purpose. Failure to include the risk assessment will invalidate your application
  • applications for fast-track tables and chairs licences are made for use between the hours of 11am and 11pm (with tables and chairs being removed by 11pm)
  • where road closures are required, the hours applied for must match the hours where road closures are in place
  • the proposed area for tables and chairs must give enough space to allow people to pass whilst keeping the appropriate social distances - from 4 July 2020 businesses should ensure that where possible a 2 metre gap should be in place but if this is not possible then this gap can be reduced to a minimum of 1 metre with the appropriate mitigation
  • as well as a tables and chairs licence, planning permission is also required for the placing of tables and chairs on the public highway - we understand that obtaining planning permission will not be possible prior to the 4 July 2020 due to the statutory consultation period for all planning applications, so, if it is confirmed that a planning application for the area to be used is intended to be made imminently, we will process and issue a fast-track tables and chairs licence
  • any application for hours beyond 11am to 11pm, will not be processed under the fast-track scheme and will take longer than 5 days
  • requests for space heaters and amplifiers for music will not be permitted
Last updated: 1 July 2020