Families and Communities Employment Service (FACES)

The Families and Communities Employment Service (FACES) offers professional and friendly one-to-one support to help you into work, training or education.

Our FACES coaches can also work with you to tackle any other difficulties in your life – from housing problems to debt or childcare – and make positive changes for the whole family.


FACES is made up of a team of work coaches and specialist caseworkers who work closely with individuals and families that have struggled to get into work and may be facing other problems in their lives.

On their first visit, your coach will sit down with you to hear about your work history and what kind of work, training and education you are interested in doing. They will also ask you about other areas in your life where you would like some help or want to make improvements.

He/she will meet with you at least once a week for up to six months and help you to determine your goals. Your coach will meet with you wherever you feel most comfortable – whether that’s at home or in a local café.

By the end of the 6 months you will have reached your employment goals and be well on your way to tackling other difficulties in your life. You will still be able to contact your coach whenever you need support.

Who it's for

FACES is for families and individuals who are experiencing any of the following:

  • difficulties getting into or back into work
  • problems relating to housing, budgeting or debt
  • challenges managing anti-social behaviour in the family, gang violence or youth offending
  • depression or relationship issues

What you can expect

If you are eligible for FACES, we'll allocate a coach to work with you and your family. Your coach will work with you on issues such as:

  • job searching, CV writing and interview practice  
  • learning new skills including courses, IT training and English language classes
  • advice on benefits and money management
  • childcare support and advice
  • advice on housing
  • referrals to other services that can support you and your family  

Contact us

Contact employmentteam@westminster.gov.uk or 020 7641 3336 for more information or support, or register for support by completing our form.

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Last updated: 12 July 2017