Evening and Night Time Economy

Westminster City Council has commissioned two separate but linked consultancy studies into the local Evening and Night Time Economy (ENTE) with a focus on the West End. The first is a study into the costs and benefits of the West End ENTE which establishes a clear, up to date benchmark of the economic components of the ENTE to help future policy considerations. The second is a behavioural audit of the West End, which will inform the future planning and licensing approach to managing the ENTE, using a combination of existing secondary data and fresh primary data including behavioural observation. Considered together, these reports posed a number of strategic and operational management challenges for the West End Evening and Night-time Economy.

Westminster Behaviour Audit 2015 appendix part 1

​Westminster Behaviour Audit 2015 appendix part 2

Westminster Behaviour Audit 2015 Full Technical Report

Westminster ENTE Cost Benefit Analysis Full Report

Westminster ENTE Cost Benefit Analysis Summary

Last updated: 12 July 2017