Estates across Westminster receive financial rewards for increasing recycling

Mon, 07/03/2016

Westminster City Council are delighted to announce that several estates across Westminster have won financial rewards for increasing their recycling as part of our 'InItToWinIt' recycling rewards scheme.

The estates that have won are:

  • Abbey Orchard Estate (St James’s Ward, Peabody): £500 
  • Carlton Vale Estate (Maida Vale ward, CWH): £500
  • Grosvenor Estate (Vincent Square Ward, CWH): £1,000
  • Wild Street Estate (St James’s  Ward, Peabody): £500

The scheme involves Westminster City Council monitoring recycling on specific estates, and as the recycling increases, financial rewards being delivered to those estates and residents. 

The reward money will be released when each individual estate reaches a set amount of money. For a small estate (defined as one with less than 350 flats) this will be £500, and for a large estate (over 350 flats) it will be £1,000. For the average estate, if everyone recycled one extra newspaper a week then after a year they will have earned £3,000 for their estate.

Westminster City Council will be engaging estates and local communities about what form the rewards take, and residents will be able to directly vote online for the prize they want. The money can be spent on a range of things such as:

  • community festivals and workshops
  • sports and play kits
  • benches and gardening tools
  • wildlife projects

We will update the recycling results each month, and assign rewards if it has increased.  We’ll also be offering an extra £1,000 prize to the estate with the best quality recycling.

The rewards are running until September 2017, so there’s still plenty of time to get involved. You can check how much your estate has earned, vote for prizes, and sign up for regular email updates on your estates progress at‐towinit.  

Cllr Melvyn Caplan, Cabinet Member for City Management and Customer Services, said: "The 'InItToWinit' recycling rewards scheme provides us with a great opportunity to increase recycling across Westminster. By rewarding our residents for voluntarily doing the right thing, we hope to build greener and cleaner communities. I want to congratulate all the winning estates for their fantastic efforts, and hope to see more of our residents take part moving forward."

Rebecca, a Westminster resident from Churchill Gardens estate, said: "I was recycling already but I’m really pleased that I can make some money for my estate. I have checked again what I can recycle, and discovered that I can recycle my aerosol cans and scrunched up tin foil."

Jamshid Seyed, Grosvenor Estate housing manager for CityWest Homes, said: "I’m really pleased that residents at Grosvenor estate have done so well. It’s great that we’ve already earned £1,000 from their efforts to increase recycling and the money will be used to benefit the local community. We’re looking to improve the area around the local playground, or we could plant raised beds so that residents can grow their own vegetables on the estate. Residents can vote for the option they prefer online or at the local estate office until 11 March 2016."

Remember, putting the wrong items in the bins can reduce the amount of materials that counts towards your total so check what can and can’t be recycled.

Last updated: 16 March 2016
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