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    Draft Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2019

    The Draft Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) supports the delivery of Westminster City Council’s statutory duties as a Local Planning Authority and a Lead Local Flood Authority.

    Taking account of the impact of climate change the draft SFRA: 

    • assesses the impact that development and changes to land use may have on flood risk in the city
    • defines approaches to avoid, reduce, mitigate and manage flood risk
    • informs and supports the City Plan 2019 - 2040 and Westminster’s other environmental and sustainability policies and strategies
    • supports the council’s business continuity and resilience function in relation to emergency planning capabilities
    • identifies the level of detail required for Site Specific Flood Risk Assessments that are provided with planning applications

    The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires the Westminster City Plan 2040 to be supported by a SFRA to inform strategic land use planning and decision making. The Flood and Water Management Act (2010) requires local authorities as part of their Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) function to prepare a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) which assesses the risk of flooding in the city. 

    This draft SFRA replaces the previous assessment that was carried out in 2010 and incorporates the latest flood risk data from the Environment Agency. The draft SFRA 2019 is part of the evidence base for the City Plan 2019 - 2040. 

    Westminster’s draft SFRA is published for public consultation until 31 July 2019.

    Let us know what you think of the draft SFRA:

    Westminster's Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2010

    Local Authorities are required to produce a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) under the National Planning Policy Framework. The SFRA seeks to form a holistic understanding of flood risk, factoring in the impact of climate change, and introduces a risk based management approach to flooding. This entails the assessment of all forms of flooding and associated risk, and to set out appropriate management measures.

    The SFRA is not in itself a policy document, but can be used as a source to inform policy and management. It forms part of the evidence base for informing strategic policies for flooding in Westminster's City Plan. 

    Surface Water Management Plan

    The Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) was undertaken as part of the Drain London Project in consultation with key stakeholders who are responsible for surface water management and drainage in the city. This document sets out the long term action plan to manage surface water in Westminster and will be used to inform the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy.

    Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA), 2011

    This report summarises the Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA) undertaken to assist the City of Westminster to meet its duties as a Lead Local Flood Authority, with the delivery of the first stage of the Flood Risk Regulations (2009). The PFRA is a high level screening exercise that compiles information on significant local flood risk from past and future floods, based on readily available and derivable information.

    The PFRA also identifies flood risk areas where the subsequent two stages of the Flood Risk Regulations apply. Stage two delivers Flood Risk Maps and stage three delivers Flood Risk Management Plans.

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    Last updated: 26 June 2019