Corporate Enforcement Policy Consultation

The council is responsible for enforcing a wide range of laws and we are reviewing our Corporate Enforcement Policy to bring it up to date and in-line with the latest government requirements.

Westminster City Council’s current Corporate Enforcement Policy.

For us, enforcement action can take different forms including:

  • Inspecting premises, processes, equipment or food
  • Investigating complaints about individuals and business
  • Providing advice about how to comply with the law
  • Taking action at Licensing Panels or undertaking Licensing Reviews
  • Issuing fixed penalty notices, statutory notices or pursuing prosecutions

We believe that most businesses and individuals want to comply with the law and we will always provide help and support to enable them to meet their legal obligations without taking unnecessary action. However, we will also not hesitate to take strong enforcement action against those who commit serious breaches, risk causing serious harm, flout the law, or refuse to work with us to become compliant.

It is the responsibility of individuals and business to comply with the law. However, it is also important that the council publicly summarises our intended approach to bring about compliance, and provides a guide to officers to ensure a consistent approach is taken when using the range of enforcement tools available to them.

We want to make sure we are a transparent and consist council and therefore we welcome constructive comments, particularly from those that might be impacted by this policy, in relation to any aspect of its content.

We welcome representations from interested parties on the draft Corporate Enforcement Policy and invite you to answer the following questions:

  1. Do you agree with our enforcement approach? If not why not
  2. Is the Policy clear and easy to understand? If not what changes need to be made
  3. Do you have any further comments that you would like us to consider?

To make sure your views are considered, representations and comments should be sent in writing to Kirsty Munro, Principal Policy Officer by no later than 31 October 2018. 


Address: Westminster City Council, Policy Performance & Communications, 6th Floor, 5 Strand, London, WC2N 5HR​


Last updated: 8 August 2018
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