Corporate Enforcement Policy

The council has a responsibility to protect the interests, safety and wellbeing of all those who live, work and visit the borough. We do this by supporting businesses and individuals to understand their legal responsibilities, or by taking firm action against those who risk of causing serious harm, deliberately disregard the law or act irresponsibly. 

We enforce a range of laws across a wide range of public services including (but not limited to) environmental protection, health and safety, licensing, planning, parking and anti-social behaviour.

Our enforcement policies 

Our corporate enforcement policy explains what you can expect from officers carrying out enforcement across all our services. It also helps to make sure our officers carry out enforcement action consistently.  

Under the corporate policy also sits a range of additional departmental enforcement policies. This is because for some services more specific detail is needed to explain the law and in some cases the levels of financial penalty we may charge.

Our departmental enforcement policies include:

Our enforcement approach 

​Below is a short summary of our enforcement approach. View the full policy which was approved and adopted from 2019.

Identify and investigate risk 

We may investigate the need for enforcement action in a number of ways including: inspections, response to complaints, sampling visits, test purchases and streets patrols. 

Decision to enforce action

  • the decision to enforce action will be taken on a case by case basis
  • enforcement will be proportionate to the seriousness of non-compliance and the risk it poses
  • we will take into account the views of any victim

Examples of enforcement 

Low risk Moderate risk High risk
  • advice and guidance
  • warning letters 
  • low penalty fines 
  • issue legal notices 
  • refuse or amend licenses or permissions 


  • simple cautions 
  • high penalty fines 
  • court orders
  • prosecutions 

How we decide to enforce

We are likely to offer advice or a warning in the first instance if:

  • the breach is not so serious as to require immediate enforcement action
  • it is not a persistent breach
  • there has been a history of good compliance or we are confident there will be compliance

There are however, breaches, which the council considers necessary to adopt a zero tolerance approach towards the protection of the quality of life of its residents, and these will be enforced without giving a warning.

We will not hesitate to take all necessary enforcement action against those who commit serious offences, flout the law, fail to follow advice or warnings to achieve compliance, or breach matters that are of key priority to the council. If there is a serious or imminent risk of harm, danger, nuisance or injury then we will take immediate formal enforcement action as required.

Contact Us

Our Report It tool is the fastest way to let us know if you are experiencing a problem that you would like our enforcement services to investigate.

If you have a complaint about the service you have received from us, or about the conduct of our officers visit the ‘complaints’ area of our website.


Last updated: 4 July 2019