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Volunteering can be a valuable way of gaining work experience, personally rewarding, and can allow you to give something back to your community.

It's a great way to make new friends, and can help you to gain new skills and increase your future job prospects.

There are many ways to volunteer depending on how much time you can spare.

1. Find a volunteering opportunity

If you’ve been thinking about trying something new, helping other people or getting involved in your community, volunteer and be part of Team Westminster.

The council funds these volunteering services so you can find an opportunity that’s right for you.

Find out more about Team Westminster and volunteering


2. One Westminster

One Westminster provides volunteering support and placement services, linking up volunteers with volunteering opportunities. It encourages older people and those with disabilities and health problems to volunteer or to join in their own volunteering programmes.

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3. Sports volunteering

Team Westminster Active logo

Get involved in sports volunteering and play a key role in delivering sports sessions in Westminster. You can also support sporting and leisure organisations with day-to-day activities without the need to participate in the sports themselves, including administration, finance, marketing and web development.

Find volunteering opportunities near you


4. Earn time credits for volunteering

If you volunteer in Westminster, you may be able to get Time Credits to recognise and celebrate the time you spend helping your community. 

Find out more about Time Credits


5. Volunteering in libraries, archives and arts

Westminster libraries, archives and arts offer a wide variety of opportunities for volunteering. Volunteers can take part in routine work or specific projects and activities.

Find out how to get involved


6. Become a Recycling Champion

Westminster is recycling less than 20% of its waste. We're looking for volunteer recycling champions who will help others in their community to waste less and recycle more.

You don’t need any experience to be a recycling champion. You just need to be over 18 and willing to encourage others to recycle.

Find out more about recycling champions


7. Join Team Westminster Social Action

Team Westminster Social Action

The Social Action team wants to recruits groups of volunteers to help the local community.

No experience is necessary, just enthusiasm and lots of energy.

Find out how to get involved

8. Groundwork London

Whether you’re looking to gain work experience and broaden your horizons, fulfil your passion for environmental issues or simply want to give a few hours a week to a cause that benefits your community, Groundwork can help you to do something special.

Volunteering could put you in a strong position to progress into paid employment with Groundwork or another employer. 

Find out more about volunteering opportunities

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9. PeopleFirst

PeopleFirst logo

PeopleFirst has more information on volunteering in Westminster and neighbouring boroughs.

It also has some case studies to let you know what kind of opportunities are available.

Find more volunteering opportunities

Last updated 02 November 2017
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