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Help from our team

1. Getting help

Westminster Employment Service provides free help to unemployed residents who need help training for and finding a job.

Registered users will receive the following support:

  • a team of coaches committed to helping our residents find work and develop their skills
  • we will help you deal with barriers to work, such as childcare, housing or benefit advice
  • training and work experience opportunities to build confidence and readiness for work

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2. Contact us

Contact employmentteam@westminster.gov.uk or 020 7641 3460 for more information or support.

3. Meet the WES team

Steven To, case officer at our HELP project

Steven worked with a local single mother suffering from mental health and confidence issues, who was finding it difficult to get back into work.

He developed an action plan, focusing on the support and training she needed. He put her forward for employability training with the London Business School, to increase her confidence.

Steven referred her to agencies, and following a successful interview she was offered a job as a teaching assistant. 

Mark Brown, employment coach

Mark helped a local resident who hadn’t worked in the UK, but had their own business in another country. She was in need of some work experience, but didn’t know how find it, or how to update her CV.

Mark helped her with her CV and interview training, which resulted in her gaining a 4-week work experience placement at Marks & Spencer. The resident finished her placement with good references and increased confidence.

Emma Hyland, employment coach

Emma helped a local resident get back into work after she had been made redundant. The resident had been told she was too old, and didn't have enough experience.

Emma helped her get a job at a local school as a Dinner Supervisor. The hours mean she can still look after her grandchildren. 

Peter Murphy, employment coach

Peter worked with a local resident with a history of alcohol and substance abuse, who had been made redundant from a bar job.

The resident had successfully completed rehab and wanted to get back into work.

Peter helped the resident buy work clothes, and offered training and interview coaching. 

The resident was referred to The House of St. Barnabas for hospitality training, and was placed in St. Barnabas’ restaurant bar.

In May, the resident began working as a barista at Planet Organic, and after a few months was awarded Employee of the Month.

Work with us

A WES employment coach commissioned a long term unemployed local resident to photograph the WES team during a recent launch event.

Building on his experience working for us, his coach got him a position with ISG (the contractors refurbishing City Hall), where he will document the build and progress over the next two years.

ISG have also employed another local resident to work as an office manager.

Last updated 07 February 2019
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We are providing free help to unemployed residents who need help training for and finding a job.

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