Electrical appliances recycling

All waste electrical and electronic equipment must be collected separately from general rubbish.

Large items can be taken to Smugglers Way in Wandsworth or picked up by our bulky waste service.

Small electrical appliances can be disposed in bins at these locations.

Find out which small electrical appliances can and can't be recycled, including anything that will not fit in the chute (over 40cm or 16" in size).

Location Address
NW1 Lisson Street junction with Ashmill Street, outside school entrance   NW1 5DF

Park Road junction with Alpha Close NW1 4SN

NW6 Carlton Vale, Ent. to Paddington Recreation Ground, NW6 5EX
Kilburn Park Road junction with Randolph Gardens NW6 5XB
NW8 Aberdeen Place Outside electric distribution building NW8 8JR
Acacia Road junction with St .John’s Wood, NW8 6AD
Behind Church Street Market (Salisbury Street, junction with Samford Street), NW8 8ET
Lisson Grove junction with Rossmore Rd, NW8 8TB

Springfield Road,  NW8 0QU

Wellington Place, off Wellington Road,  NW8 7PB
SW1 Ashley Place, SW1P 1QH
Chichester Street, junction with Claverton Street, SW1V 3AU
Ebury Square, behind Belgravia Police Station, SW1W 9ST
Gillingham Street junction with Belgrave Rd, SW1V 1HU
Erasmus Street, junction with Cureton Street, SW1P 4DZ
Horseferry Road, outside St. John's Gardens SW1P 2AF
Horseferry Road, junction with Regency Street, SW1P 2EB
Mobile Recycling Centre, Pimlico Academy, Lupus Street, SW1V 3AT (every Sunday)
Tachbrook Street, junction with Bessborough Street, SW1V 2JD
George Street, junction with Montagu Street, W1H 7HN
W1 Marylebone High Street (opposite no. 57) W1U 4RW
Paddington Street, outside Paddington Street Gardens W1U 5QR
Edgware Road, junction with Sussex Gardens W2 2SF
Edgware Road, junction with Crompton Street W2 1TH
Lancaster Gate, in front/South of Spire House W2 3NP
W2 Cleveland Terrace, junction with Gloucester Terrace, W2 6DU
Westbourne Park Road, outside St. Mary of the Angels Roman Catholic Primary School W2 5PW
Sutherland Avenue, junction with Maida Vale W9 1UP
W9 Harrow Road  (Opposite the Police Station at 325 Harrow Road)   W9 3RD
Harrow Road Junction with Sutherland Avenue,  W9 3TY
Maida Vale, junction with Elgin Avenue,  W9 1JS

Shirland Road, outside Beechcroft House,  W9 2EY

Warwick Avenue, outside the tube station,  W9 2PT

Harrow Road, opposite the library, W10 4NE

What can I recycle in these bins?

You can recycling these items in the above recycling bins:

  • phones and chargers
  • remote controls
  • VCRs
  • digiboxes
  • electronic toys
  • kettles
  • hairdryers
  • electric toothbrushes
  • shavers
  • hair straighteners
  • irons
  • small DIY tools
  • clocks
  • radios
  • cables
  • keyboards, mice, speakers etc

You can't use the recycling bins for:

  • TV monitors
  • computers*
  • light bulbs
  • batteries
  • anything that will not fit in the chute (over 40 cm or 16" in size)

* Although computers can be recycled in these bins, there have been cases of theft from the bins. We are not liable for the theft of personal data from your equipment if placed in the recycling bins. We recommend that to recycle your computer, use your retailer's take back scheme, arrange a bulky waste collection with us or take your computer to one of the reuse and recycling centres.

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