Electric vehicles

From Monday 10 April 2017, a payment of 10 minutes' parking time will be required for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in pay to park bays, to secure parking up to the maximum stay. Changes to Parking Fees and Charges

If you currently drive a petrol or diesel vehicle, you could save money and cut pollutants by switching to electric. Currently there is no vehicle tax to pay on an electric vehicle and they have no tailpipe emissions of CO2 or the air pollutants which have a detrimental effect on human health.

In London around 90% of all car trips are less than 10km, making an electric vehicle ideal choice.

Owners of electric vehicles (including electric motorbikes) benefit from lower fuel costs compared to conventional vehicles, as well as:

  • free on-street parking in Westminster in pay to park bays for the maximum prescribed period (electric powered and plug-in hybrid vehicles only). Note, this concession is changing from 10 April 2017.
  • access to on-street recharging points; register at Source London
  • residents with an eco or electric vehicle are entitled to a free residents parking permit
  • no congestion charge

For more information about the benefits of having an electric vehicle in London visit Transport for London.

On-street recharging bays

You can charge your vehicle on-street at one of the free recharging bays. These bays will either have a 3kw or 7kw charging point (or both) and you can charge for up to 4 hours. Once you have charged your vehicle, please move off the bay so that others can use it.

Find a charge point

The points are operated by Chargemaster, PodPoint and Electromotive and can be accessed with a Source London card.

If you have a problem accessing a point, call Source London on 0203 056 8989.

Recharging at a car park

Recharging points are available at a number of privately operated car parks in Westminster, including those operated by NCP and Q-Park.

There is a charge to use these recharging points.

Last updated: 13 March 2017
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